MasterChef Italia, do you remember Valerio Braschi? It holds a record never beaten in any edition

MasterChef Italia, do you remember Valerio Braschi? It holds a record never beaten in any edition
MasterChef Italia, do you remember Valerio Braschi? It holds a record never beaten in any edition
Valerio Braschi at the time of MasterChef Ifood

Many will remember the very young winner of MasterChef in the 2017 edition, namely Valerio Braschi. However, the young chef holds a record. We’ll reveal which one.

For several years now MasterChef has become one of, if not the entertainment course column for what concern world of cooking. We are in fact faced with a real competition of cooking skills, played entirely between aspiring chefs belonging to the most varied sectors of the world of work.

Over time, the judges have also changed between celebrities from the world of catering. In the first editions the trio par excellence was composed of Bruno Barbieri, Carlo Cracco And Joe Bastianichin common with the US edition of the format, where we instead see it alongside Gordon Ramsey And Graham Elliot.

The latter in particular was also a guest of the Italian edition where he acted as the real one fourth judge for the preparation of a dish, which has become theinvention test of the episode. Among other things, it was also served to the then president in his restaurant in the States Barack Obama.

It was then also added Antonino Cannavacciuolo as the fourth permanent judge. And then there were other abandonments from the parterre, including that of Carlo Cracco, in order to dedicate himself more to his restaurants. Other judges arrived to replace but the show he never, ever lost his verve.

MasterChefthe real protagonists are the competitors

That’s right, in fact over the course of the numerous seasons we have witnessed, from season to season, real miscellanies of authentic characters among all the amateur chefs present. In fact, being in the presence of a television show and not a, commonly known as a cooking video tutorial, this is fundamental the presence precisely of characters to guarantee an audience.

In fact, the latter is the truth entertainment hallsto make a long story short a TV show he comes produced to be looked at, so the success is undoubtedly determined by the number of views. This was also revealed by a former contestant during one of her interviews. Among the many however, and here we are talking about a winner, there is one who still holds a record, that is Valerio Braschi.

Valerio Braschi today Ifood

Valerio Braschi, a winner, a character and a great record

Valerio today an excellent one chef and entrepreneur who made his dream of his own restaurant come true. He raised the winner’s cup to MasterChef way back in 2017. After having begun to gain work experience in the world of catering he matured very quickly, so much so that he decided to start his own business.

He manages now his restaurant in Milan entirely dedicated to pop culture, as visible from the murals present. The food you can enjoy is a fusion of strong flavors that represent the meeting of your country with international culinary culture. The record held and so far unbeaten by Valerio is to be the youngest winner in the history of MasterChef. In fact, he was alone at the time 18 years old.

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