Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the 09/18/23 episode

If those who start well are already halfway there, I fear that this year a Men and women we won’t even get to the beginning. I see her as bad, eh, really bad. And let’s be clear, that’s not my intent or doing age shaming nor much less shaming misfortunes, far from me. However, holy god, but can we start the season like this? It wasn’t enough PierSy to get into trouble for half the schedule, right now Queen Mary does he put the load on it?

He had already thought about it Manuela Carriero to tell us all about his difficult past in his presentation clip, and as far as I’m concerned I would have already been fine like that, that’s it. Quote ‘tears and sorrows‘ achieved, let’s move on to something more fun. And instead gnant. Zero to the quota, nada de nada. We have moved on from the irony of Massimo Troisi of the Helios on Friday to today’s list of misfortunes of those kids who seem to have come out of the College Of RaiDue.

It’s fine that one is there to make oneself known, for goodness sake, but this is the trend of starting acquaintances menandwomen rattling off one’s personal list of adversities, I don’t understand it. Especially when the premise is “I’m a private person“, “I don’t usually open up like this on the first outing!” or worse “I have never said these things to anyone“. And just when you get to the Helios Are you the exception, little star?

Naaa, maybe after twenty years of Men and women we have trained cynicism, but it’s easier to think that we throw it at the tragic story to make an impression. We know this about the tronista, the audience but above all the presenter, who often has a strong passion for human cases. And we also know that it is a sin to think badly, but in that study we (almost) always get it right though.

Men and Women: Chia's opinion on the 09/18/23 episode

And then… Those little faces Like this cleaners And beardless still with the aftertaste of adolescent impurities and those small talk Like this embarrassed, fearful, boring people… I don’t know about you, but I felt quite uncomfortable, I felt like I was peeking at my little cousin in the park with her friend. And I think this whole string of terms of endearment and diminutives that I haven’t been able to avoid can convey the idea of ​​my embarrassment in front of the externals of people who are so terribly young to appear to me to be even minimally exciting.

That is, not that more adult people on the throne are synonymous with its success, obviously (hello Pretzel! HI Ranieri!). But the sense of having two youngsters sitting next to each other, I swear, escapes me. Like at a certain time I expected him to appear from behind a bush on the outside Petolicchio and asked him for the 7 times table, so to speak. And I understand that now you throw 35 year olds in the parterre of the Throne over to make you slobber Gemmonaeh, but I don’t even go fishing for these tronistas at the nursery school, though.


A few other thoughts on today’s episode:

– instead of beating ourselves up Barbara De Santi dare to speak with Maurice, Gemma Galgani thank the editor who even tries to cover your ass. Why do you want to claim that you are not vulgar, after today we saw you happily outside exclaiming with a limp sunflower in your hand that “The important thing is that everything else is upright!“. Typical utterances of Grace Kellyof course, of course!

– I’m already full to the brim with the clashes between Elio Servo And Tina Cipollari. But at least let’s avoid the paracul*ty of going to say hello to the columnist after you’ve threatened to sue her for entire weeks, that’s it.

– I was sorry to see that poor man Cyrus persecuted by everyone, including grannies, just because he is talkative and not a lover of dancing. Over the years we have seen 80/90 year old ladies arguing who wanted to take them home solely to act as carers agggratisBut snubbing this gentleman who only wanted company, and at most a driving license in his wallet, seemed excessive to me. Especially because someone who gives you a basket full of figs from his plants is a man to take to the altar immediately, of course.


– ah, someone tell the presenter, who was snorting today why Cyrus he took ten minutes to tell us about niches and deceased wives and as soon as he could he sent him bored back to his place, that the boredom she exuded is EXACTLY THE SAME one we feel every time we Gemmona rant about her fake suitors. With the difference that we’ve been screwing her for 13 years, and for entire episodes.

– that’Anthony came down for Roberta Di Padua he seemed cute to me too, little boy, but someone warn me Gianni Sperti that just because someone is good-looking doesn’t mean that everyone else necessarily likes them.”what are you waiting for, for it to arrive Brad Pitt?“. De gustibus non disputandum est, first. And second, isn’t he usually the one who pontificates about not stopping at aesthetics? Well, we can see that his excessive emotionality today didn’t affect the ladies except that Emanuela, point. Even less, trust me.

Rather, you are annoyed by the worrying speed with which you assert in front of people who in your life you have seen for no more than THREE MINUTES that “orBesides being beautiful you are also a person who has a lot to say, your eyes inspire me with such sincerity!“.


– I still stop at Maria De Filippi that, after that Beatriz he had said to Brando Ephrikian That “you managed to capture some small details that not everyone has grasped. She made a wonderful impression on me, with her empathy and sensitivity!” she replied amazed “where did you learn to use these terms? What are you doing, studying?“. Meaning what, “these terms“because he said”empathy“? Mari, are you waiting? I understand that the story of her past, the adoption at seven years old and the failure to say goodbye to her biological mother may have made your blood sugar go high, but “empathy” even those goats know how to use it College, I know. He hadn’t even thrown in a “prosopopoeic” randomly, I want to say.


Video from the episode: Entire episode – Gianni: “Michele reminds me of Troisi…” – Ciro “the irrepressible” – A knight for Roberta – Barbara’s chat – Tina: “Elio there are things I don’t forget!” – External by Brando and Beatriz – Brando and Beatriz after the external – External by Cristian and Martina – Cristian and Martina: the comments on the external – Gianni: “What did Aurora say to Elio?” – Giusy and Francesco: different perceptions

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