“I couldn’t communicate with music…”

“I couldn’t communicate with music…”
“I couldn’t communicate with music…”

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Niveo, former competitor of Amici di Maria De Filippi, twenty-second edition, has the opportunity to tell his story and talk about some details of his life. His words surprise fans!

Lorella Cuccariniteacher of Friends of Maria De Filippi, allows us to get to know some of the show’s former contestants better. On his channel YouTube it often hosts former students in the format known by its name “Tell me about yourself”. The last guest was Niveostage name of Marco Fasanojust a young man who was under his wing and who came within a step of the evening. MarcoIn fact, unfortunately he was left out of the next phase of the program because the golden jerseys were out of stock, but he is very happy with the path he has taken.

Friends, Niveo talks about his hardest moment

The path of Niveo it was really troubled: the boy immediately conquered a slice of the public, as well as the heart of the beautiful Rita, a competing dancer at the school. The young man, however, also attracted some dislike from the public, a situation that worsened just before New Year’s Eve, when the boy was also at risk of elimination as he was no longer doing well at all. The singer speaks of that period as the worst he experienced on the show, and so he tells Lorella Cuccarini:

I think before Christmas I got completely lost. Artistically I couldn’t communicate with music, I wasn’t concentrated while I was singing, I was overcome by anxiety. […] However, I think it was a necessary step, because All artists have a down momentmany have struggled to overcome it, some have not succeeded… I believe that little by little I am overcoming it and I think I improved a lot thanks to that moment and thanks to you toobecause if you hadn’t given me the chance to continue and I hadn’t believed in myself so much, perhaps I would have remained in that limbo.”

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