Matteo reveals a shocking truth to Marcello

Matteo reveals a shocking truth to Marcello
Matteo reveals a shocking truth to Marcello

Here are the previews of Il Paradiso delle Signore 8, which will return on Tuesday 19 September 2023 at 3.35pm on Rai1 with the new episode.

The appointment is renewed with Ladies’ paradise That, tomorrow Tuesday 19 Septemberit will come back up Rai 1 in the usual 4pm slot with a new episode full of twists.

Ladies’ Paradise 8: summary of the September 18th episode

Lucia has resigned from Venus and Paradise is desperately looking for another girl: Maria proposes that her sister Agata take on the role. Matteo is trying to talk to Marcello who, however, has eyes and attention only for the anguished Adelaide. Meanwhile, Matilde apologizes to Vittorio for having hired Lucia.

Previews for September 19th: Agata fears her father’s reaction

Agate she is not convinced to start the test like Venus, knowing that her father is against it, but Irene offers her a trick of her own to get around the obstacle. Also Cyrus he struggles to fit into the new work environment because Salvatore is not very satisfied with his performance, but Armando invites him to give him time to settle in.

In the next episode of the soap Umberto investigates Adelaide

Victor find the right idea for the new men’s line of Paradise. Umberto he is worried about Adelaide’s health, he has understood that the countess is worried about something and starts asking questions about her.

Marcello overwhelmed by a revelation in Tuesday’s episode

Matteo he meets Maria again, but this time she introduces herself and, finally, manages to talk to Marcellusto whom he reveals that he is his brother!

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