“Big Brother”, Arnold, Beatrice, Lorenzo and Vittorio televote

“Big Brother”, Arnold, Beatrice, Lorenzo and Vittorio televote
“Big Brother”, Arnold, Beatrice, Lorenzo and Vittorio televote

Women against Greece

Anita, Letizia and Samira line up against Grecia Colmenares. “She has crazy energy, she sings at night, she goes to bed late. More than just an airhead, she’s smarter than you might think.” “These girls do everything to get noticed before the episode”, defends Colmenares. Commentator Cesara Buonamici takes to the field: “Greece is very busy in the house… so be careful to let her out”.

Rosy against Beatrice

There is bad blood between Rosy and Beatrice. This is how Alfonso Signorini calls them into the “mystery”: “Something doesn’t add up between you, there are many doubts…”. “At the beginning I had a good bond with Bea, in the kitchen there were some disagreements. I say everything to her face but I always found a wall”. “I left her carte blanche on all fronts, once I allowed myself to take matters into my own hands and from there she became more sullen… she is forced, exuberant, exaggerated”.

Paolo and Giselda

Paolo believes that Giselda is in love with him and so he named her. “I wouldn’t want him to have strange thoughts, there is no malice in my behaviour, I want to be your friend, you are a beautiful girl and you need to be more confident in yourself and your potential”. Giselda, however, denies feeling any attraction towards her: “I am in love with Mauro Corona… he is a child”.

Fiordaliso tells its story

Fiordaliso confesses: “I’ve been through three very bad years, the GF is the only moment in my life where I don’t want to look after anyone, I’ve never been a teenager, I had a baby at 15, I’ve never had her and here I am I have fun.” Fiordaliso then talks about the special relationship with her father who discovered her and her 9 Sanremos, including the one in which she competed with her most famous song “Non I want the moon”. “I didn’t expect success – she continues – but failure also came, but I never stopped, I did theater and I always create alternatives for myself”. “My mother was one of the first victims of Covid, I couldn’t say my final goodbyes to her, thanks to her I was able to look after my father”, she says.

Alex and his wife’s surprise

Alex Schwazer receives a surprise from his wife Kathrin, who was very close to him in the worst moments. “A healthy family can endure anything,” says the woman. Alex talks about his victory in Beijing as Olympic champion in 2008 and the struggle of living. “I entered the tunnel of depression, I no longer had the strength to do the smallest things”, he says. “I was doing doping without the knowledge of those around me, I had to lie, I had entered into conflict with myself, when they discovered me it was a liberation – he continues – The second time, however, I wasn’t doped, my urine was falsified , I don’t know if it was intentional, I found myself having to defend myself from something I didn’t do.” Now Alex wants to go back to competing: “I do it for my children, I would like them to really see what I have done for so many years.”

The nominations

Greece Colmenares cannot be mentioned. In the secret nominations Paolo nominates Samira, Beatrice nominates Massimiliano, Rosy nominates Beatrice, Letizia nominates Lorenzo, Massimiliano nominates Beatrice, Anita votes Lorenzo. In the obvious nominations Valentina nominates Arnold, Claudio votes Fiordaliso, Heidi nominates Arnold, Ciro nominates Arnold, Arnold nominates Heidi, Fiordaliso nominates Arnold. The secret nominations are back: Giselda nominates Beatrice, Lorenzo nominates Beatrice. Greece appoints Letizia. Giuseppe names Angelica. Vittorio appoints Beatrice. Samira nominates Beatrice. Marco nominates Vittorio. Angelica names Vittorio. Alex names Beatrice.

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