Fans are perplexed by The Walking Dead spinoff about Daryl Dixon

Fans are perplexed by The Walking Dead spinoff about Daryl Dixon
Fans are perplexed by The Walking Dead spinoff about Daryl Dixon

A shadowy and silent man, marked by life and numerous tragedies, finds himself having to accompany a young person who could represent salvation for humanity during an apocalyptic zombie invasion. Quick question: we’re talking about The Last of Us you hate The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, the first spin-off series of the famous franchise? The fans are also asking this, because at the end of the day the plot of the two series is practically identical.

The series starring Norman Reedus has started to go airing from September 10th, but now in its second episode it has raised a lot of eyebrows. The character found himself in France and soon found himself having to accompany a boy, Laurent, from a Buddhist monk in Paris in exchange for a passage to the United States. All things considered, the two series have a lot in common and there are many users online who are pointing this out.

«It’s just The Last of Us, but with Daryl and in France» we read in one of the kindest, but there are several comments of this kind. So much so that the issue was also addressed head-on by one of the producers of the spin-off series. Talking with Entertainment Weekly, Greg Nicotero he has declared: “I remember I was watching the first episode of The Last of Us and I was like, ‘Ummm, guys?’». The series was already well advanced in production and therefore there was very little that could be done, however his reaction raises some doubts: the video game The Last of Us by Naughty Dog came out in 2013… Is it possible that they didn’t know anything about it?

According to Nicotero, however, the differences would be many: «Ours is the continuation of Daryl’s story. She agrees to hand over the boy, but that’s not his only purpose. He wants to go home to his people. He must return to Judith, Carol, and the other people of the Commonwealth” he has declared. The spin-off in France would be nothing more than a detour and for this reason the similarities with The Last of Us they would hold, but up to a certain point.

What do you think about it? In the meantime we remind you that in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixonin addition to Norman Reedus, we find: Clemence Poesy in the role of Isabelle, Adam Nagaitis as Quinn, Anne Charrier in the role of Genet, Eriq Ebouaney in the role of Fallou, Laika Blanc Francard in Sylvie’s, Romain Levi in that of Codron, e Louis Puech Scigliuzzi in Laurent’s.

The spin-off debuted on American territory on September 10th on AMC and AMC+. As regards the release in our country, an official date has not yet been communicated. However, it is confirmed that this will be released on Prime Video in 2023.

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Source: EW


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