Barbara D’Urso on Domenica In? “Let’s hope!” The unexpected revelation of Mara Venier

Barbara D’Urso on Domenica In? “Let’s hope!” The unexpected revelation of Mara Venier
Barbara D’Urso on Domenica In? “Let’s hope!” The unexpected revelation of Mara Venier

Soon to return to the air with a new season of Sunday in, Mara Venier has made an unexpected revelation about Barbara D’Urso.

The new edition of Sunday in it will debut on September 17, 2023 and will be revolutionized in some aspects. Mara Venier is still running the Sunday program despite her desire to leave the scene on several occasions, declared on several occasions.

The presenter has earned the title of Sunday lady and the public does not fail to make her feel its affection. Sunday in it is a winning format and Mara managed to personalize it by giving it that light but also interesting touch.

Venier and D’Urso together on Domenica

During the press conference to present the program Mara Venier revealed all the news about Sunday in. The format has not undergone major changes: between interviews and various guests, the presenter will offer her audience an enjoyable show. Mara has however revealed that there will be more news and she would like to have a column like the fact of the week.

He then made known the identity of the guest of the first episode, a decidedly relevant character: “This year there will be more news, I’d like to make it the story of the week. This week we will host Daniela Di Maggio, Giovanbattista Cutolo’s mother.”

Mara rejected the idea of ​​being able to accept a management role in Rai. She is convinced that she is not suited to that type of work even though he has been on TV for many years: “Am I president of Rai? No, people like Baudo and Arbore deserve it.” Zia Mara also criticized the press offices of the various VIPs who were her guests: they often place limits on his questions to do and then they go to Beasts and they have no filters: “The artists’ press offices tell me “don’t ask this, don’t talk about this then I see they go to Belve and talk about it.” Finally Mara Venier spoke about Barbara D’Urso and her possible presence at Sunday in.

Mara Venier: “Barbara D’Urso? I invited her”

The presenter did not shy away either to questions relating to Barbara D’Urso. On several occasions Mara has spoken out about the controversy that has involved D’Urso in recent months, the two presenters apparently have spoken several times and have a good friendship.

Mara Venier press conference Sunday in – photo Ansa –

This is also why Venier doesn’t have any problems to admit that he had invited his colleague to Sunday in to interview her. “I invited Barbara, her contract probably expires in December, I hope she accepts my invitation. I would love to, from January I think she might even come. She has already been invited.” Now all that’s missing is Carmelita’s confirmation.

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