Antonella Clerici cries live: the meeting after five years makes the presenter collapse

Antonella Clerici let herself get emotional during the last episode of It’s always midday. Here’s what happened.

The presenter has in fact been at the helm, for some years now, of the famous culinary program which immediately achieved great success. After the experience of The cook’s test, Clerici has in fact returned to cooking live in the company of great professionals in that field and also the public at home, who continue to meticulously follow all the advice and recipes that are proposed.

Antonella Clerici bursts into tears live –

A plot twist was recently aired, which brought the presenter to get excited and to get the viewers excited too.

Antonella Clerici and that emotion that leaves no one indifferent: the magical meeting in the studio

During an episode of the Rai TV show It’s always middaythe presenter received an unexpected surprise that made her very emotional. In fact, it was the beloved Anna Moroni who came to visit her in the studio, that is, the cook who collaborated with the presenter for years during the program The cook’s test.

Antonella Clerici is moved live with Anna Moroni – (photo screenshot Twitter) –

There has always been a special relationship between the two and this was also noticed during the last episode, when Antonella suddenly heard the woman’s voice and started crying with joy. In fact, she immediately went towards her to hug her very tightly: a moment, this, which also moved viewers at home. “My Annina“, Clerici continued to say while she was in tears.

It’s still: “I’m so glad you came“. After hugging each other warmly, the presenter then showed Anna her television studiothus remembering the old times and once again showing sincere happiness for that unexpected meeting.

It must be said that, afterwards The cook’s test, Moroni had other television experiences but then decided to move away from the small screen. Today, however, she is increasingly active on social media, and she often publishes shots there which portray his daily life and his recipes, given that he continues to dispense culinary advice. Her official Instagram profile therefore boasts the presence of thousands of followers, who always follow her with much affection and who support her at every opportunity.

It would also appear that Antonella Clerici has invited her several times to take part in her program It’s always middaybut that she always refused so as not to leave the place where he lives with his family.

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