Maria Corleone, previews of the second episode. When it airs

Maria Corleone, previews of the second episode. When it airs
Maria Corleone, previews of the second episode. When it airs

Rome, 18 September 2023 – After falling back into family history, Maria is at a crossroads: choose love or become a mafia boss. It is the dilemma that the protagonist of the fiction will face ‘Maria Corleone‘ in the second episode that will be broadcast Wednesday 20 September 2023.

The new crime of Canale 5 is enthralling millions of viewers, recording record numbers: the debut of the first episode has won the ratings of the first evening (2,753,000 viewers and 16.5% share), even surpassing the Rai1 special on Lucio Battisti.

Last week we met the protagonist, played by Rosa Diletta Rossiand the daughter of a mafia boss she fled to Milan to build a career in fashion and is now forced to return to Sicily where her family’s history awaits her at the crossroads. In the North one was built successful life: a job as a stylist, Luca’s love and a child on the way. But her fate brings her back to Palermo.

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Who is Rosa Diletta Rossi, the protagonist of the fiction Maria Corleone

In the first episode aired on September 13th, Maria returns to Sicily to celebrate his parents’ wedding anniversary. However, the unforeseeable happens in Palermo: the protagonist witnesses Giovanni’s death (Vladimir Randazzo), the twin brother, during a mafia attack. A drama that marks a point of no return for Maria.

From that moment something breaks inside and Maria begins to enter the family business defend its honorputting everything in danger: her life, the child she is carrying and her love story with the prosecutor Luca Spada (Alessandro Fella).

Maria gradually takes her father’s place Don Luciano Corleone (Fortunato Cerlino) in the family clan. Don Luciano is the victim of a sudden illness and the daughter – after having renounced her love life with Luca, who she leaves to become in all respects a female boss – takes over the reins of the family criminal business.

He prepares to land in America to start a new line of business, but it won’t be easy for a woman to establish herself in that environment. Maria’s managerial skills become her winning weapon. In a short time she manages to get the trust of New York partnerstaking advantage of his knowledge and passion for fashion.

However, Luca is still on his trail who, as a prosecutor and a man in love, hopes to bring the woman he loves back to the right path. She tries in every way to distance her from her family and bring her back to the life they had built together in Milan. But she now has chose which side to be on and, although still in love with her son’s father, she decides to continue her unstoppable journey criminal takeover.

The second episode of the Maria Corleone TV series will be broadcast Wednesday 20 September at 9.20pm on Channel 5. The first two episodes are also available for streaming on Mediaset Infinity.

The leading role is played by Rosa Diletta Rossi (Maria Corleone), the actress who starred in ‘Suburra – The series’ and ‘Nero a mezzo’ by Claudio Amendola. They are also in the cast Tosca D’Aquino (Santa Nistico) e Fortunato Cerlinofamous for the role of Don Pietro Savastano in Gomorrah. His character is Luciano Corleone, Maria’s father.

here is the full cast:

  • Maria Corleoneplayed by Rosa Diletta Rossi
  • Luciano Corleoneinterpreted by Fortunato Cerlino
  • Luca Spadainterpreted by Alessandro Fella
  • Tony Zerilliinterpreted by Christian Burruano
  • Maximuminterpreted by Alessandro Mario
  • Anthonyinterpreted by Emmanuele Aita
  • Sandra Corleoneplayed by Federica De Cola
  • Santa Nisticoplayed by Tosca D’Aquino
  • Rosa Corleoneplayed by Aglaia Mora
  • Stefano Corleoneinterpreted by Vittorio Magazzù
  • Giovanni Corleoneinterpreted by Vladimir Randazzo
  • Rocco Barresiinterpreted by Giuseppe Tantillo
  • Gloria Chiosiplayed by Gaia Messenklinger
  • Corrado Salemiinterpreted by Bruno Torrisi
  • Monica Poggiplayed by Valeria Zazzaretta
  • Marcellusinterpreted by Alan Cappelli Goetz

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