Max Giusti, PresaDiretta or Barbero? The TV of September 18th

Max Giusti, PresaDiretta or Barbero? The TV of September 18th
Max Giusti, PresaDiretta or Barbero? The TV of September 18th

For prime time on TV, the fiction “Inspector Montalbano” will be broadcast on RaiUno on Monday 18 September at 9.25pm. The episode entitled “The turning point” will be proposed: during his usual morning swim, Montalbano comes across a floating corpse in an advanced state of decomposition. The man was killed a couple of months earlier, but there is still much to discover.

RaiDue at 9.20pm will propose “Fake Show – Beware of imitations”, hosted by Max Giusti. Poised between the true and the false, the original and the imitation, artificial intelligence and human fallibility, 2 teams of comedians and imitators engage in a series of challenges that put them to the test…

On RaiTre at 9.20pm there will be “Direct take”, hosted by Riccardo Iacona. Tonight’s episode will be titled “Without People”.
The presentation anticipates: “They called it a demographic apocalypse: Italy is aging and there is a shortage of workers in every sector. The business world is asking for more quotas of foreigners and the Government has expanded the Flow Decree to almost 500 thousand entries with a regular work visa in the next 3 years. But will they be enough? The aging of the population is a phenomenon that involves the whole of Europe and all countries need a workforce that comes from abroad, even England and Germany which have made different choices than ours. Click Day, the Flow Decree: how does the mechanism for bringing foreign workers to Italy work? Does our economy have the workforce it needs? A PresaDiretta Journey into the world of Venetian businesses. And then an incredible story: hundreds of foreign kids who are trained to come and work in Italy through courses financed with public money. But how many actually arrive? Great Britain, with Brexit and policies against illegal immigration, found itself without workers in many sectors: construction, tourism, catering, agriculture, personal care. This, despite the fact that 1 million and 200 thousand legal immigrants arrived in the country last year, an absolute record. How are you dealing with the problem? Germany, which in 2015 during the Syrian crisis welcomed more than 1 million people in a few weeks, today needs more foreign workers. 400 thousand entries per year are needed to maintain the level of workforce that the German economy needs. And politics responds with pragmatic, non-ideological choices.”

On Rete4 at 9.20pm the appointment is with the talk show “Quarta Repubblica”hosted by Nicola Porro.

On Canale5 at 9.30 pm it will be the turn of “Big Brother”, hosted by Alfonso Signorini. Cesara Buonamici in the studio.

La7 will broadcast “Traveling with Barbero” at 9.15pmLa7 special hosted by historian Alessandro Barbero.

For those who prefer to see a movie, on Italia1 at 9.25pm ​​there is “I Mercenari 2”; on Rai5 at 9.15pm “The Predators”; on La5 at 9.05pm “The emperors’ club” and on Iris at 9pm “The blind side”.

On Rai4 at 9.20pm the appointment is with the series “Fire Country”. Inmate Bode Donovan, hoping to shorten his sentence, joins a team of firefighters. He is assigned to his hometown and will have to collaborate with former friends and other inmates.

Finally, worth mentioning is the series “Joséphine, Ange Gardien, with Mimie Mathy” on La7D at 9.30pm; on Mediaset Extra at 9.10pm live from the “Big Brother” house and on Italia2 at 9.10pm “American dad!”.

These are the programs scheduled for tonight except for last minute changes made by the television networks.

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