Men and Women, Manuel Maura as Francesca Sorrentino’s suitor? His response causes anger!

Men and Women, Manuel Maura as Francesca Sorrentino’s suitor? His response causes anger!
Men and Women, Manuel Maura as Francesca Sorrentino’s suitor? His response causes anger!

Would Manuel Maura present himself as a suitor for Men and Women if his ex Francesca Sorrentino was on the throne? Here’s what he replied!

Manuel Maura And Francesca Sorrentino were guests of Men and womenthe dating show of Channel 5 conducted by Maria De Filippi and during the broadcast they had a heated confrontation. Both former Temptation Island contestants were asked if they would take part in the program respectively Francesca as a tronista of the classic throne and Manuel in the guise of suitor. Here’s what the latter replied.

Men and Women, Manuel Maura responds to those who ask if he would go down to court Francesca Sorrentino

The story of Francesca Sorrentino And Manuel Maura ended with a bonfire confrontation that Temptation Island fans will long remember and which led to the Sorrento to become a new and independent woman, aware of her own value and of the emotional dependence that tied her to Manuel Maura. Even in the comparison in the studies of Men and women, Francesca she underlined that the distance has strengthened her opinion on the harm that her ex-boyfriend caused her and that, instead, Manuel he doesn’t seem able to recognise. The superficial answers of the former competitor of Filippo Bisciglia’s docu-reality caused anger in Francesca, pushing the presenter Maria De Filippi to underline that, although it might have been a right choice from a television point of view, Francesca she was not yet ready for the throne.

Even the ex of Maura she confirmed, in some live broadcasts on Instagram, that at the moment she is not ready to get involved and that she is still extremely hurt by what happened. But, she added, “I might surprise you and decide to make that call in a few months!”. Francesca he admitted that he would return to the program to start a new chapter in his love life, presenting himself as a tronista, but someone also asked Manuel Maura if he would go down to woo his ex, if he were on the throne of Men and women. The answer of Maura cannot help but generate anger and annoyance, because it makes it clear that Manuel didn’t really fully understand the pain he caused Francesca and his words underline his superficiality.

Asked if he would come down as a suitor for Francescain case she was the next tronista, Manuel he responded with a cryptic

“Never say never”

An answer that also underlines how both, unfortunately, continue to be present in each other’s lives, also thanks to the proximity of the places they frequent daily. But, again according to some of the answers Mauratheir continuous crossing would not only depend on chance, but also “from the red thread that unites us”. And we hope that Francesca can end it once and for all.

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