“I like him, he’s a very interesting person” (VIDEO)

“I like him, he’s a very interesting person” (VIDEO)
“I like him, he’s a very interesting person” (VIDEO)

Claudio Roma’s revelation about Angelica Baraldi on Big Brother.

There’s very little time left until new episode of Big Brotherwhich will go broadcast tonight Monday 18 September on Canale 5. In the meantime, the controversial competitor Claudio Roma revealed to his adventure companions that he had found his prototype girl in Angelica Baraldi.

Claudio Roma and the words about Angelica Baraldi

Claudio Romeat the center of gossip for the statements by Alfonso Signorini about himhe let himself go to some unexpected confessions about Angelica Baraldi. Speaking with the other competitors of the new edition of Reality showthe Romagna player admitted:

Angelica is my prototype, I like her! Yes I know, she’s engaged… but I don’t know her. I haven’t talked to him yet. She is a very interesting person, she has these very sweet eyes… I didn’t go in with the idea of ​​getting engaged […] Maybe they hope so, but I struggle to find love outside, let alone here […] I’m not one to expose myself right away, I like to understand…

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Claudio will be able to establish a good relationship with Angelica? We remind you that the appointment with the Gf is for tonight on Canale 5. 21 protagonists of this edition will compete for the final prize money. At the moment, no contestant has been eliminated, but The nominees included Giselda Torresan, Grecia Colmenares, Rosy Chin and Vittorio Menozzi.

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