Claudio Roma: “I have never fallen in love” – ​​Big Brother 2023

Claudio Roma: “I have never fallen in love” – ​​Big Brother 2023
Claudio Roma: “I have never fallen in love” – ​​Big Brother 2023

September 18, 2023

The competitor reveals himself to Ciro and Heidi, explaining his relationship with love

“Honey, what ails you?” he asks Heidi to Claudiowhile the competitor – with a frowning face – joins on the sofa with the girl and Cyrus. Claudio says he is excited and happy waiting for the episode, to reunite with the others, to start the game together with the other tenants.

Here, Ciro takes the opportunity to dispel a doubt: “Are there any girls over there who might like you?” The contestant doubts whether anyone will like him, there has been no opportunity to get to know each other, nor to talk in depth: “It seems like I’m so sure of myself, but that’s not really the case. I don’t think I’m always liked.”

Among the various competitors beyond the shutter there would be one who – in his opinion – would perhaps have shown a glimmer of interest: “He looked at me two or three times, even though I’m not his type.” The competitor refers to Letizia and adds his impressions of the photographer: “It’s a peperino, but I find it very sweet. It has many layers”. “I think it has a world behind it” says Heidi.

Claudio explains that his type of woman is one who has a powerful experience within her, an experience in which she can be reflected, from which she can learn something. A woman who has a story as strong as hers and having not yet found it admits: “I have never fallen in love”.

Maybe that woman is at home? Or could she find it at home? Who can say, in the meantime we have to wait for her reunion with the wealthy people of the House to find out how she will behave.

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