The Ladies’ Paradise 8: an incredible character could return to say the least (and it’s not Marta)

The Ladies’ Paradise never fails to reserve twists and turns. A female character may return soon.

One of the most loved soaps by the public. A daily appointment that viewers don’t want to miss out on. After a long summer break The Ladies’ Paradise has returned to brighten the afternoons of Italians. A soap entirely Made in Italy that tells the dream of the 60s.

The Ladies’ Paradise: a female character is about to return – Abruzzo City

In fact, the success of the events is due precisely to the events narrated. The years of the economic boom, of feminist demands and of the battles for change make the screenplay of Il Paradiso innovative and pleasant to follow. After all, the soap has been on the air for eight seasons, with related changes and new entries. The eighth season began very recently, yet it already promises to be full of twists and turns. Vittorio, director of the department store, will have to fight to keep the name of his company high. Ruthless competition from Umberto and Tancredi could cost them quite dearly. Doctor Conti, however, is certainly not someone who gives up so easily and will do everything to protect his beloved Paradise.

Great news for the countess, who has learned that her daughter believed to be dead is actually alive. The woman will prepare to meet her girlfriend, but the latter will not want to know anything about her, at least for the moment. Also MarcellusAdelaide’s lover, will have to deal with a new relative who has arrived as a surprise in his life. However, there could be the return of a female character who would change the fate of this story.

Il Paradiso 8: Angela Barbieri could return to Milan

The new season of The Ladies’ Paradise opened with quite a few new features. Over the course of the episodes ranging from 18 to 22 September Marcello will have to deal with the arrival of a new person in his life. This is Matteo Portelli, a young man who claims to be his half-brother. Barbieri will not be able not to be shocked by this revelation. After all, not much is yet known about Portelli’s character. In fact, the latter could only have sought Marcello for a second purpose, such as a financial loan.

Angela could return to the stage at Il Paradiso- (photo Instagram_ilparadisodellignore8)- Abruzzo City

Therefore, to ensure the authenticity of this news, he decides to call his sister Angela to find out if the girl knows more details about their family. The phone call to the young woman implies that she is involved, albeit remotely, in this new storyline. Since there has been talk of a female character returning to the scene for some time, one might think that it could be Angela. Marcello’s younger sister could return to Milan to investigate more deeply into her family’s past. The girl’s support for her brother could be decisive.

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