“Old lady with low neckline”: how Matilde Brandi immortalized herself | Her response is epic

Matilde Brandi (screenshot Mediaset Infinity) – belligea.it

Matilde Brandi’s shot unleashes a shower of criticism: but the star has a ready response, a reply that will remain in history.

Matilde Brandi she had a glittering career as a dancer, making her debut when she was very young in a very famous dance troupe: that of Happy Sunday, the container program broadcast on Canale 5.

In recent years, after having climbed the peak of success by becoming a very good presenter, Brandi participated in the fifth edition of Big Brother VIP.

Precisely on the occasion of that participation, Brandi earned many consensus and followers, as well as several detractors, as is normal when you become such a well-known figure.

Despite the great irony of Matilda, this time the story seems to have got to the heart of things: the reply is thrilling.

Matilde: the ready answer

In these days, Matilda, that already usually promotes one’s Work and keeps in touch with fans through social networks, he published a post with some of his own collaborators on Instagram, in which she announced an evening in which she and other people would provide entertainment.

“Tonight they resume mine evenings on Thursday at @jerorestaurant,” he writes Matilda in the caption, “Vi let’s wait For dinner show And after dinner ❤️”, he concludes, posting a photo of the group Of Work.

Matilde Brandi’s comment and reply (IG Brandi profile screenshot image) – belligea.it

The reply to Brandi: “but why don’t you be a grandmother?”

In these cases It’s always incredible to think about how much social network users feel entitled to criticize others users, whether they are well-known or unknown people, using words that constitute insults. “But why don’t you be a grandmother like all the old ladies your age? Remove all the scaffolding you have on you and come to your senses!”wrote the user, and then, “You suck, just to tell you”he concludes, putting ‘the icing on the cake’.

Stereotypes dominate this comment, as does the malice that pushes the usual keyboard lions to give vent to their prejudices and frustrations. Luckily, Brandi is a structured and aware woman, able to respond effectively and without sinking to the level of others. “don’t follow us,” Brandi writes, tagging the user in questionthus writing a simple reply but who gives his fruits and also has the merit of proposing a solution to the hater.

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