The little Sicilian Carlotta Ventimiglia in the cast of Rai La Stoccata Vincente

The little Sicilian Carlotta Ventimiglia in the cast of Rai La Stoccata Vincente
The little Sicilian Carlotta Ventimiglia in the cast of Rai La Stoccata Vincente

Another promising young Sicilian cinema star is ready to show her talent on the small screen. This is little Carlotta Ventimiglia, 8 years old, from Bagheria, who is part of the cast of the TV film “La Stoccata Vincente”, broadcast on Rai 1 on September 24th. The film, directed by Nicola Campiotti and produced by Gloria Giorgianni for Anele Srl in collaboration with Rai Fiction, tells the true story of the fencer Paolo Pizzo from Catania, twice world champion, who at a young age had to fight and defeat a brain tumor before returning to competition.

A new very young promise

Among the main performers are Flavio Insinna, in the role of Paolo Pizzo’s father, and Alessio Vassallo in that of the fencing champion. But even little Carlotta Ventimiglia, despite her very young age, plays an important role in the TV film, winning over the director and brilliantly passing the selections among many aspiring actors. A source of pride for her family and for the city of Bagheria, which sees one of her young talents emerge in a project of national resonance, also created with the support of the Sicilian Region and the Sicilia Film Commission.

Filming in Sicily

Filming took place right in the protagonist’s homeland, between Catania, Aci Castello, Acitrezza and Etna, as well as other important locations that will enhance the beauty of the Sicilian landscape. Little Carlotta Ventimiglia, despite her tender age, has already demonstrated that she has plenty of grit and determination, winning over director Campiotti and passing numerous auditions in which she prevailed over many of her peers.
A brilliant and cheerful personality, which allowed her to carve out a leading role in a national film, alongside famous faces from Italian cinema and TV.

A high-level educational experience

The experience in the cast of “La Stoccata Vincente” will certainly represent a precious opportunity for professional and human growth for little Carlotta. Being able to act alongside highly experienced actors will be a priceless training ground for her. Furthermore, working on the filming of a film that tells the story of the tenacity and desire to be reborn of a champion like Paolo Pizzo, forced at a young age to face the very difficult challenge of a brain tumor, will be a source of inspiration for the very young actress.

A future full of hope

The energy and naturalness that Carlotta Ventimiglia has already demonstrated in front of the camera bodes well for her artistic future. The little Sicilian seems to have all it takes to forge ahead and quickly carve out important roles in the Italian cinema and television scene. Who knows, perhaps the TV film “La Stoccata Vincente” might represent for her the launching pad for a brilliant career, once again raising the name of Sicily and the lively local artistic panorama. The appointment to admire her at work is on Rai 1 on 24 September.

The story of the Catania fencer Paolo Pizzo,

“La Stoccata Vincente”, the TV film directed by Nicola Campiotti, was made with the contribution of the Region, through the Sicilia Film Commission. The film tells the story of the Catania fencer Paolo Pizzo, two-time world champion, who as a teenager fought and won the most important challenge of his life, fighting against a brain tumor. The film, produced by Gloria Giorgianni for Anele Srl in collaboration with Rai Fiction, features the Sicilian actor Alessio Vassallo among the protagonists, with Flavio Insinna in the role of the Catania athlete’s father. «The project – said the regional councilor for Entertainment Elvira Amata, during the presentation at the Rai headquarters in Viale Mazzini in Rome – underlines how sport constitutes a social tool of extraordinary importance, especially for young people. Paolo Pizzo’s wonderful tale, told in the scenographic setting of the Sicilian locations, once again enhances the policy that the Schifani government is implementing in the audiovisual sector, placing Sicily more and more often under the spotlight of the general public.”
The fencer Paolo Pizzo collaborated assiduously in the making of the film, taking care of the technical and athletic preparation of Alessio Vassallo and constantly supporting him during the filming, some of which took place between Catania, Aci Castello, Acitrezza and above all Etna, with its forest craters at two thousand meters.

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