he had already been rejected at the auditions

he had already been rejected at the auditions
he had already been rejected at the auditions

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Niveo, former competitor of Amici di Maria De Filippi, twenty-second edition, has the opportunity to tell his story and talk about some details of his life. His words surprise fans!

While the public waits to meet the new faces of Friends of Maria De Filippi information on old competitors continues. Lorella Cuccariniteacher reconfirmed also for this twenty-third edition, also hosts Niveo on its Youtube format “Tell me about yourself”. These are some video interviews that allow you to get to know the various former students better and also offer some fun curiosities about them. Niveo, speaking to his former teacher, explains why he decided to participate in the show…

Friends, Niveo tried in 2021

For Marco there were ups and downs in the program: the boy managed to get into the program of Maria De Filippi with her first single, “Scarabocchi”. On the show the singer also found love alongside Rita, a dancer who left before the evening. Niveo says that, in truth, he had also attempted to participate in the program the year before, but it hadn’t gone well. In 2022, however, he takes his revenge, entering at the behest of Lorella Cuccarini!

Marco performed as a street artist, but few knew it. The young man says that an acquaintance of his, by chance, one day saw him while he was singing and pushed him to try to join Amici. The singer says that, in truth, he wasn’t very convinced as he didn’t believe it was “for him”, but, in the end, he overcame his reservations and showed up for the auditions! “When I won the shirt it was an explosion of joy“, tells.

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