How will Pier Silvio Berlusconi react?

How will Pier Silvio Berlusconi react?
How will Pier Silvio Berlusconi react?

To the GF an alleged case of blasphemy pronounced by Claudio RomeThe veterinarian 34 year old from the Romagna Riviera.

A video shared on social media shows the man saying the word “God”, but the previous words are unclear due to the noisy audio, generating several hypotheses.

The Big Brother writers are examining the audio to clarify the situation.

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However, the production is aware that starting a series of disqualifications could generate a domino effect and a witch hunt, compromising the program.

Many have speculated on the concern of Pier Silvio Berlusconi at the idea of ​​seeing the Big Brother 8 tainted by this controversy, since the program was designed for a clean and scandal-free restart.

Photo Credits: courtesy of the Endemol press office Shine Italy, music by Korben

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