Gf Vip, Oriana courted at the Gran Hermano Vip: Daniele’s reaction

Annalisa Accardo

It’s been a few days since Oriana Marzoli entered the House of Gran Hermano Vip. But not a minute went by without the finalist of the seventh edition of Big Brother VIP mentioning her boyfriend Daniele Dal Moro.

Their turbulent relationship has survived about seven breakups (more breakup, less breakup), and now that the Venezuelan model has embarked on an adventure in the most spied on house in Spain, she does nothing but talk about the handsome Venetian: “I’m engaged, he’s from Verona – the former Vippona told the new roommates -. We met at GF Vip and have been living there for five months. I’m very much in love, but I don’t want to think about it because I already feel like I’m dying. He didn’t want me to come, because he says he can’t go three months without seeing me. Well, I had to be tough and I am being tough, but I already miss him and I want to cry when I think about him”.

Oriana Marzoli reveals: “Daniele wants to marry me”

Oriana she also revealed that for a moment she believed she was pregnant and that, once the GH Vip, Daniel he intends to marry her: “It’s not that I was really late, but I felt very strange. At that moment I didn’t have my things, I was so strange and I felt very nauseous and wanted to vomit. And I said ‘oh my god what’s happening to me’. My mother said to me ‘aren’t you pregnant?’. So I also took the pregnancy test and then also the blood test in case the test was wrong. And I have to confess that I haven’t seen my boyfriend so scared by the situation.

Then he took it very badly because I entered this program. He told me ‘when you go out we’ll break up or get married’. Then he told me ‘I’ll marry you’. He had never told me this before. She also told me to move in with him. And what will I do? I’ll go and do it in a hurry too. I take my Coconut and go. I really like Verona, it’s a splendid city. I feel so comfortable in that city. And then his parents are too nice. I get along very well with them. Only one other time in my life have I had such a beautiful relationship with my boyfriend’s parents. But I was little and only 17 years old. He was actually my first boyfriend. Anyway, I hope they surprise me and bring my boyfriend here”.

Daniele Dal Moro, Twitter suspends his account again

Meanwhile, a Dal Moro your account has been suspended again Twitter (and even then we’ve lost count of how many times this has happened). It was the mother of who intervened on the matter Orianathe Lady Christina: “He posted something like ‘I would cut off his hands’, but in an ironic way of course, and they suspended his account. But neither Micheal nor Luitingo are his type. The prototype of him is her boyfriend”. Michael And Luitingo they are two competitors of the Gran Hermano Vipand it seems they have their eyes on the Marzoli.

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