Amici 21, Cosmary’s reaction after Nunzio’s unexpected revelations

Cosmary Fasanelli And Nunzio Stancampiano they met during Amici 21 and after their experience in the talent show Friends of Maria De Filippi the two began a relationship, which however ended a month ago.

In the last few hours it has been Nuncio – interviewed by Fabrizio Corona – to do some important revelations about his history with Cosmary. As we know, during the broadcast Cosmary she was engaged to the singer Alex Wysebut according to what the dancer said, Cosmary she actually embarked on the relationship with him while he was still dating Alex.

Here is the podcast preview of the interview by Crown to Nuncio which talks about this:

Soon you will see the full episode, but now let’s tell a little about what happened between these three guys. As you can see he is here to tell what happened. Today he gave us some special news. He was with Cosmarythe two met on the program Amici di Maria De Filippi. Cosmary she was engaged to Alex, a highly esteemed singer. Then Cosmary she met him outside the program, while Alex was still inside the game. You two start your relationship in early May and she leaves him on July 5th. So can we say that Alex has been a cuckold for months? Can we say that he had horns? Well, Alex welcome to the world of cuckolds.

The words of Nuncio they were not at all appreciated by users of the social media world, and apparently not even by the Fasanelli herself, who in some way had her say with a like on a comment on Twitter.

Here is the comment:

Nuncio he’s making up whatever he wants just to get dirty CosmaryI swear to you, I’m disgusted by him, I really feel sorry for him.

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