Bake Off Italia, where one of the formats most loved by the Italian public is filmed: fairytale locations

Bake Off Italia, where one of the formats most loved by the Italian public is filmed: fairytale locations
Bake Off Italia, where one of the formats most loved by the Italian public is filmed: fairytale locations

Bake Off Italy it is among the most loved shows of all, but what intrigues us the most is the dream location in which it is filmed. Where is it?

That of Bake Off Italy is one of the most loved TV programs. Following him are many pastry lovers, and not only that, who can no longer help but discover all the adventures of the competing competitors. The brand new season began a few weeks ago which, as usual, takes place in a fairytale location. What location is this?

Where are the episodes of Bake Off filmed? –

Started in 2013, Bake Off Italia – Desserts in the oven is one of the most beloved cooking shows of all time. For years now the queen of Italian cuisines is in charge: Benedetta Parodi. The well-known journalist, famous for her recipes and themed shows, has been coordinating the competing contestants and the judges for some time.

As also reported on the official page of, the locations of Bake Off Italia are not always the same. Over the years, in fact, several locations have followed one another, one more beautiful than the other, which hosted the competitors and their creations. The locations of the various years are nothing short of crazy.

Bake Off Italia, all the locations of the famous show

The current edition of Bake Off Italy takes place against the backdrop of the marvelous Villa Borromeo d’Adda. The contestants compete here starting from the seventh edition, and the villa is one of the most beautiful locations in the history of the show. As can be seen from the filming of the programme, Villa Borromeo d’Adda is made up of 2 villas, plus a stable. As reported ifood.itjust the sale of the location for filming the program brings 50 thousand euros into the Municipality’s coffers.

The first and last location of Bake Off – photo Facebook @villaborromeo and @villaarconati-

The first episode of Bake Off was filmed at Villa Arconati, located near Bollate. It is a building that dates back to the Baroque era, as can be seen from the exterior. Imposing, majestic and with a wonderful park in the front, this was one of the most loved locations of all. Next comes the nineteenth-century Villa Annoni, which has hosted the Bake Off Italia contestants starting from the third edition.

For the sixth edition of Bake Off Italia, Villa Bagatti Valsecchi was chosen, located in the heart of the province of Monza Brianza. Despite only hosting one edition of the program, the Villa won the hearts of the show’s many viewers. It is impossible not to notice the majestic park surrounding the villa, which gives it the classic appearance of eighteenth-century country houses.

As already mentioned, Benedetta Parodi is hosting the show. Together with her there are the permanent judges Ernst Knam and Damiano Carrara, with the participation also of Clelia d’Onofrio. Over the course of the various editions, there were many faces from the world of cooking and pastry making alongside the judges, from Csaba Dalla Zorza to Tommaso Foglia.

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