“He had changed the clips, but the direction…”

“He had changed the clips, but the direction…”
“He had changed the clips, but the direction…”

In the last few hours, the first report about Anita Olivieri, a Big Brother contestant, has leaked. But what did the friend say?

In the last few days they have leaked some reports and indiscretions on behalf of the competitor nip of the new edition of Big Brother, Anita Olivieri. According to these, the girl she would have omitted that she was still engaged with a certain Edoardo, instead saying that she is single and lives alone with her cat.

In fact, in the presentation video, Olivia declared that she is 26 years old and works in an automotive company, where she deals with communications, branding and marketing. On the sentimental front, he revealed: “I’m not engaged, but I live with a cat that’s enough and more. I grew up between my mother and my grandmother, two completely opposite female models“.

However, the reports of the last few days received by gossip expert Deianira Marzano on social media they would reveal another truth. Here is what we read in this regard: “Deia, Anita Olivieri of the GF, apart from the fact that no one can stand her in groups, she is a careerist that you cannot understand. She and she is always engaged to a friend of a friend of mine. When we saw the presentation clip in which she declared herself single we all fell off our seats“.

Big Brother, Anita’s friend intervenes in her defense

Yet another report, in addition to confirming the omission of gieffina, would add further details. In particular, a photo from Anita’s graduation day, in which her alleged boyfriend appears. But not only. Even a comment from her that would reveal the nature of their relationship.

In the last few hours however A friend of Anita Olivieri intervened on the issue who commented on the incident on social media, even accusing the production: “But do you know that the clips weren’t shot yesterday and therefore you weren’t engaged when you made the clip? I’ll tell you more, she had changed the clips but apparently the director didn’t like them“.

With these words, the friend of the Big Brother contestant would suggest that the editorial staff would have agreed to omit his relationship with a certain Edoardo. At this point it remains to be understood whether Anita really told the whole truth about her love life in the presentation video or whether she lied. But why lie?

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