Virgin River Season 5 Introduces Ava: Why Is It So Important?

Virgin River Season 5 Introduces Ava: Why Is It So Important?
Virgin River Season 5 Introduces Ava: Why Is It So Important?

A new character arrives in Virgin River: her name is Ava and she will have an important role, especially towards Mel.

Virgin River brought the drama back up Netflix and, with the fifth season, it also introduced a new character. It’s about Avathe Lilly’s daughter which he finds in Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) great support, both professional and human. Divided into two parts, the fifth season of TV series based on the novels of the same name, it delved even further into the dynamics of the characters that we have come to know over time. In Virgin River, as we know, drama is always around the corner, but the new episodes have also introduced a new character who has intrigued the public.

Virgin River: Season 5 introduces Ava

Played by Libby Osler, Ava is a young woman who chose to leave Virgin River behind. But with the passing of her mother Lilly, a cancer patient, she reappeared in the city above all to support her sister Taregrappling with the little Chloe, who extremely needs support as a newborn without a mother. Ava has lived in Portland for years and explained to Mel that she’s not exactly happy about moving back to Virgin River, which is too small for her liking. But the return home also coincides with the reappearance of one illness which he thought he had put aside some time ago. With the support of Mel, who in addition to directing her to her health turns out to be a great friend of hers, Ava understands that Virgin River is perhaps what she needs to face that new difficulty. Some time ago, as she will explain to Mel, Ava suffered a laparoscopy for endometriosis. Unfortunately, after some time the problem recurred and this time the doctor suggested it a hysterectomy. Being so young, Mel advised her to think carefully about her choice, especially if she wanted to have children in the future.

Ava’s arrival in Virgin River enriched Mel’s storyline. In addition to having become friends, it is thanks to Ava that Mel and Jack can finally find the house they have always wanted. Be careful, though: the following includes previews if you haven’t yet finished watching the fifth season. After saving Ava and Chloe from a fire, Tara decides to move to San Francisco with the little girl, leaving her sister Ava to decide what to do with the farm. Jack and Mel are interested in her and will know how to take care of her as her mother once did. Does this mean Ava won’t be back in future episodes? Not exactly, considering she decided to have the surgery, but not before freezing her eggs for the future. Plus, she chose to stay in Virgin River, so it’s likely she’ll reappear in the next two special episodes that will complete the fifth season The November 30th.

Where we have already seen Libby Osler

Canadian actress, Libby Osler has already appeared in other TV series before Virgin River, although he definitely had more room to leave his mark on the Netflix show. In the past, you starred in an episode of Supernaturalas well as in the film My thirtieth Christmas.

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