Maria Sofia Federico reveals he has had intimate relationships with people

Maria Sofia Federico reveals he has had intimate relationships with people
Maria Sofia Federico reveals he has had intimate relationships with people

Maria Sofia Federico continues and probably will continue to be talked about. The former student of The college recently he has made the most “bigotes” discuss for his choice to enter the academy of Rocco Siffredi and devote himself to red light cinema. Guest of Livio Ricciardi’s podcast Let’s do itMaria Sofia Federico told her own story experience he was born in diploma recently obtained at the Rocco Siffredi Academy, also unveiling how many people did he have intimate relationships with throughout his life. A spicy background in an extensive chat dedicated more generally to feminism, sex work and communication.

Maria Sofia Federico: how many people have you had intimate relationships with

At the beginning of the year, shortly after turning 18, Maria Sofia Federico she landed on Only Fansimmediately carrying on his battle for the dignity of the sex work. Already after a few months the former student de The college he had expressed his willingness to move to a public platform like PornHub, to reach as many people as possible; the activist thus entered the world of red light cinema and attended the Rocco Siffredi Academy for hard actresses, obtaining the diploma.

His decision had one media resonance higher than expected, but – as told by Maria Sofia Federicohosted by Livio Ricciardi in the 24th episode of the podcast Let’s do it – the experience was formative from both a professional and a private and social point of view: “This experience was beautiful. Precisely because I have a very melancholy character, because I have so many shortcomings, I tend to isolate myself and stay within myself. While here I have found girls who have been like sisters. We laughed, joked and got to know each other in millions of fields. The more platonic one and also the sexual one. I’ve seen girls who have liberated themselves and expressed themselves.”

In the long and in-depth podcast chat, Maria Sofia Federico he then faced with lucidity themes who are close to her heart and are important in saving our planet like the veganismbut also talked about the approach to sex workOf feminism and of polyamory. Precisely on this last topic, pressed by Livio Ricciardi, the former student of The college he revealed with how many people (men and women) had intimate relationships: “Can I count them because I don’t remember them? Yes, by the way it should be twenty something. I don’t remember well” – she explained: I’m not counting only the boys, no. But if I had to count only them I think more than ten. I’m not sure”.

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