Isola, there is something tender between Cristina and Sainato. Rage for sex

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Luca Vetrone disturbed by Fabio Ricci’s rapprochement with Marco Mazzoli

It seems that Luca Vetrone does not believe at all in the peace made by Fabio Ricci to Marco Mazzoli after their week-long quarrel. according to the castaway it would in fact only be a strategic move by both to avoid risking televoting.

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A harsh measure against the shipwrecked arrives

This is the text of the provision: “Dear castaways, your leader with Fabio and Luca have exceeded the safety limits despite being aware of this prohibition. For this, Andrea once again you must lay down the leader necklace and the new leader will be Mazzoli , as runner-up in the last leader test. Also ask Fabio, Luca and Andrea to return to the sea everything they caught, collected in the forbidden sea area. Finally, due to this infraction the fire will be turned off and will only be turned on at dawn tomorrow”. In short, all castaways will pay dearly for this mistake.

Island of the Famous: Cristina Scuccia

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Love blossoms between Cristina and Gian Maria

It seems that a tenderness was born between Cristina Scuccia and Gian Maria Sainato, but according to what the boy revealed we will not see anything in front of the reality TV cameras: “Cristina told me that a relationship could have arisen between us, but not in a reality show. I answered her “We live in Milan one evening shall we go to sushi?” and she answered yes. She made me understand that she likes me but she wouldn’t do anything in a reality show because she’s afraid of public judgement. I kind of understand her , was a nun for many years and now she finds herself on L’Isola dei Famosi”.

Island of the Famous: Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Simone Antolini

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Paolo Noise talks about when Christopher caught Cecchi Paone and Antolini in the act

The revelations continue on the experience on the Isle of Noise, which he recounts: “One morning I see Christopher angry and he says to me: “No, no, next time I’ll take a stick, no these things can’t be done, disgusting”. And me: “What the f… happened?”. ”They discovered…”. They practically got up and started doing things in front of us as we slept. Christopher found the scene in front of him”.

Island of the Famous: Andrea Lo Cicero and Fabio Ricci

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Litigation between Ricci dei Jalisse and Lo Cicero over the measure

In front of his teammates Fabio began: “I’m fishing for the group like you’re cooking for everyone” What’s the point? We went together”. Referring to the fact that he had collected both shells prohibited by the regulation. Lo Cicero replied: “If I can get food, it’s my f*cks, you are infamous when you do this!”. And then the quarrel is went on involving also other castaways.

Island of the Famous: Nathaly Caldonazzo

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Nathaly waits for the others to eliminate themselves

Caldonazzo is neither surprised nor too sorry to find herself in the midst of all these quarrels between the men of the island, in fact she confesses: “These super quarrels between men are not ruining my birthday, on the contrary. I’m having fun because slowly the masks fall , the people are revealed and now the fun begins”.

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