Advances GF Vip March 30: Incorvassi microphone scandal unmasked

Advances GF Vip March 30: Incorvassi microphone scandal unmasked
Advances GF Vip March 30: Incorvassi microphone scandal unmasked

GF Vip advances March 30 towards the final: the Incorvassi couple breaks out after a game that ended badly in the van, disqualification requested for Tavassi

The advances of the GF Vip towards the final are not only about who will win Big Brother Vip, the latest news from the most spied on house in Italy speaks of a strong crisis of the Incorvassi, of the new van gate with the microphone disconnected and of a risk of disqualification for Tavassi. There are two key moments: one born from a game gone wrong and the other from a question from Oriana Marzoli to her inseparable friend of the OMG trio, Micol. Edoardo Tavassi asked the other housemates to have fun with a sort of quiz like “do you know the competitor” to see if in all these months of sharing the same spaces they really managed to learn a little about the other person. The problem is that Guendalina Tavassi’s brother failed to answer almost all the questions regarding Micol starting with her date of birth and place (Pordenone), in particular for the latter he was helped by Giaele with a suggestion that but the Incorvaia has discovered. Initially Tavassi tried to play down but the reaction of Clizia’s sister was not long in coming, disappointed by the fact that after all her boyfriend had never given so much attention to her speeches. Gradually from the game, the question and answer turned into a real quarrel with the two who entered the van. In a video that runs on Twitter, Tavassi can be heard arguing animatedly with Micol and accusing her of being a loser because she made him look bad in front of the others and the public by handing the victory of Big Brother Vip to Oriana.

Advances GF Vip March 30: Tavassi disqualification and Micol criticized

The problem arises from the fact that Edoardo had the microphone turned off because in another video we see the former competitor of the Isola dei Famosi turn off his microphone and get into bed with Micol whispering that in the confessional they had told him that he had heard everything through girl’s microphone. At this point Clizia’s own sister closes the discussion saying that she will make the best of a bad situation so as to allow Tavassi to rehabilitate himself in the public eye. Furthermore, when Milena, in these hours, asked Micol how she was doing and if she had clarified with Tavassi, the director promptly cut off, censoring the answer. The protest of the fans of the other competitors, including those who left and disqualified from the house like Edoardo Donnamaria, is related to the fact that Tavassi has already been booked for having disconnected the microphones in the van and that at this point given his repeated behavior he must be disqualified and not protected by the production that also seems to have called him in the confessional according to what many claim on social media. That’s not all because the advances of the GF Vip of March 30 towards the final give another blow to the Incorvassi. It all stems from a question from Oriana who asks Micol how the couple organized themselves once they left the house. Incorvaia’s answer left everyone at home a bit perplexed because Clizia’s sister explained that it will be strange to see each other 2-3 times a month after living together. In fact, Micol’s intention is to see Tavassi only on weekends because he has no desire to leave Milan and stay away from his friends. A statement that was greeted at home by a strange silence that probably hides perplexity about the veracity of the feeling between the two.

Advances GF Vip March 30: televoting polls

Four days before the final, it is still too early to talk about televoting percentages in the previews of Big Brother Vip on March 30th. It must be considered that in the last few hours the Incorvassi crisis has increased the chances of the other finalists being able to oust Tavassi who was fighting for victory with Oriana. Nikita could surprisingly be the outsider, while Giaele and Micol appear detached and will hardly be able to aspire to first or second place. As for the name of the sixth finalist, the televoting polls speak of a head-to-head between Alberto and Milena with various collaborations between fandoms that make the challenge exciting. De Pisis risks consensus because according to some he “betrayed” Onestini and the Spartans, while Miconi can count on the support of the Nikiters and the Donnalisis who are pushing for her to win the challenge with Alberto thanks to her closeness to Nikita, the only one in the house stay with the Pelizon which is still isolated from the Spartans.

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