May God Help Us, the eighth season will happen? The official answer and the reaction of Elena Sofia Ricci

May God Help Us, the eighth season will happen? The official answer and the reaction of Elena Sofia Ricci
May God Help Us, the eighth season will happen? The official answer and the reaction of Elena Sofia Ricci

Is the eighth season of Che Dio Ci Aiuti already in the works? Will we see Elena Sofia Ricci as Sister Angela again? And how will the character of Azzurra, alias Francesca Chillemi, evolve? This and other answers from the screenwriters of the fiction.

The seventh season of God help us ended on Thursday 16 March, with the great return of Elena Sofia Ricci in the role of Sister Angela and a lot of history yet to be written. Blue Leonardiaka Francesca Chillemi, has finally put on the veil and the aficionados viewers they wonder how the former novice will deal with this new chapter in her life. Above all, there will be aeighth season for the branded fiction Rai? By popular demand, here is the answer.

Elena Sofia Ricci has officially come full circle, saying goodbye to the iconic character who has accompanied her for years of success and emotion. A large chunk of fans still can’t accept that Sister Angela it will no longer be part of the events of the Convent of the Angels and there is no lack of perplexity even about the turning point in the Azzurra storyline. Leonardi will also be able to maintain her own sparkling and stubborn personality once she becomes nun?

We will find out, maybe the fans are bandaging their heads ahead of time. Anyway, Elena Sofia Ricci she was deeply impressed by the public’s affection and wanted to dedicate a moving thought via social media to her heir and to all those who have followed the fiction with passion.

I don’t know what exactly pushes people to meet and bond with each other… perhaps harmony, perhaps laughter, perhaps words, looks…? Perhaps the joy of slowly giving a little of one’s heart… and letting souls reveal themselves…Azzurra and Sister Angela loved each other! It had to happen! Almost a predestination. Since that evening at Miss Italy in 2003. And so also with all of you who have followed us with so much love all these years! Thanks for following us, once again! God help us!

May God help us 8 there will be: when it airs and previews

The eighth season of God help us will be done and is scheduled for 2025. It will be composed, as per tradition, by twenty episodes broadcast over ten prime time evenings and will see you as the protagonist Francesca Chillemi in the unedited role of a nun. The Sicilian actress said that we’ll have to wait for next season to find out what her new name will be.

The writers confided in someone advances on upcoming episodes. There film script it’s not ready yet, of course, but there are so many ideas and they promise to be crackling. Azzurra will be a very different nun from Sister Angela. They are both strong and unconventional, but Leonardi is more messy and inclined to act ‘on her stomach’, always following her big heart.

There is a possibility that Elena Sofia Ricci also raid the eighth season? “We don’t rule it out – admitted the screenwriter Elena Bucaccio – Elena Sofia is very generous, she puts herself at the service of the series. More, he has a very strong bond with Francesca Chillemi, acted as her older sister, raised her. There is also a great collaboration between her and Francesco Vicario, director of the series. Surely, if called for help or for a joyous participation, it would come”.

Shrouded in mystery, however, the future of Pierpaolo Spollon, beloved interpreter of Emiliano. Will we see him again in the new episodes? “I think characters have a time and an arc and a definition – explained Bucaccio – Then, there is a moment when it is necessary find new stories, new points of view and new feelings. This year Emiliano has made a path of paternity and maturity that led him to become a solid person. So I always think that we need to renew. But I won’t kill him promised, he won’t die like we did with Guido [ride, ndr]. We have great projects for Pierpaolo Spollonhe’s an amazing actor.”

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