Mare Fuori, a scene from the third season has been completely distorted: here’s how and why

Mare Fuori, a scene from the third season has been completely distorted: here’s how and why
Mare Fuori, a scene from the third season has been completely distorted: here’s how and why

Our interview with Donna Wanda of Sea Outor rather the incredible actress Pia Lanciotti, has reserved quite a few surprises.

There are those who would pay gold to know the most hidden secrets that lie behind the drafting and realization of a successful fiction like Sea Out. Deleted scenes, spoilers and strategic shots, often bring to light backgrounds that not even the most observant had realized. Naturally, all eyes are on Season 4, which begins filming next May.

This time we don’t want to tell you about an error, quite the contrary. It’s a change, a near-revolution that affects a scene that fans have loved from the first moment. It’s about the interview at the Ipm between the criminal Donna Wanda Di Salvo and her son Carmine: with them there is also the little Futura, respectively granddaughter and daughter of the two. Apparently, the images we saw and the course of events did not go according to the plans of the directors and screenwriters. It was to reveal it Pia Lanciottithe masterful interpreter of the most beloved boss of all.

Sea Out: Pia Lanciotti and the ‘upset’ scenes with Massimiliano Caiazzo

We naturally asked Donna Wanda’s interpreter, how are her relations with Massimiliano Caiazzo, his son Carmine in the plot. Without wanting to, the actress let slip two important backgroundswhich have to do with some of the scenes we saw in season 3. We have already revealed one to you, and concerns the fragment immediately preceding the concluding scene. As for the second one:

“Massimiliano and I are really happy and it’s a mutual thing: we invent anything on the set. We have the same way of proceeding in the studio. He’s one of those who works very hard, but like everyone else. When you’re there, everything home study flourishes, it thrives because you relate to others.The scene in the IPM when he says addressing his daughter Futura: raspberry made you, it happened. But he didn’t make her run, she was inside her. All we need is to look and be there for each other, and it’s beautiful.”.

The mystery about one of the most loved and also discussed fragments of the last six episodes has therefore been revealed. The interpreter then revealed to us that even the iconic phrase with which he was saying “C magn’o cor”, refers to anyone who hurts the boy, is flour of his sack and not of the script assigned to her. Apparently therefore, together they have the ability to overturn everything, making it come to life according to their emotions, like Pia and Massimiliano intertwined with the experiences and emotions of Wanda and Carmine.

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