from Malgioglio’s tablet to Celentano’s toupee

from Malgioglio’s tablet to Celentano’s toupee
from Malgioglio’s tablet to Celentano’s toupee

The first episode of the evening of Friends of Maria De Filippi, has reserved a series of joys that we did not expect. We offer you a selection of memes, the funniest and most absurd after the kick-off.

The historical presenter, after a long applause and her by now iconic thanks, took her place on her seat to start the evening phase of one of the editions of Friends most beautifulbut also very complicated. A new jury, teams with unprecedented teachers and students with talent and potential to sell. As we expected, the initial installment did not disappoint the expectations of the fans and the general public. In fact, with this method, a larger number of people have the opportunity to get to know the kids better and become attached to them, even though they have not seen the afternoon.

We have decided to illustrate the point of view of those who decided to comment live on the popular Twitter platform on the various images and events that followed. The spirit is absolutely good-natured and ironic, typical of those who produce memes on the most popular television programs between Rai and Mediaset. Maybe just the San Remo Festival manages to overcome Maria De Filippi, who immediately takes second place with her programs. Here are the funniest memes after the first episode of the evening.

Friends 22: the memes to remember after the first episode of the evening

But let’s start from the absolutely predictable and necessary parallelism with the series of the moment: Sea Out. Samu and Cliquein that position they just looked like two of the characters we met in the last season.

A start with a bang was to be expected, especially as regards the choice of the new jury. Bravi and Giofrè started off on the right foot, but it was Malgioglio who reserved for us the most consistent quantity of joys and emotions. First the tablet on the contrary, then it was the turn of the microphone.

The Calabrian dancer, an ex-pupil that the landlady decided to enlist in the jury after countless successes around the world, certainly did not go unnoticed, on the contrary.

Space for professors and ai Zerbi-Cele, who have not at all disappointed the expectations of the fans, taking home three victories out of three challenges played in the episode. Their performance for the masters’ gauntlet will also be something we will have a hard time forgetting.

Finally, they also gave it a go with the absolutely sudden and unexpected changes of look. Alessandra Celentano and Arisaamong very particular colors and wigs, have opened the dance of the still numerous memes on Twitter.

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