final blow to the Volcano?

final blow to the Volcano?
final blow to the Volcano?

A Place in the Sun, previews from 27 March to 1 April. New social storm against the Volcano: is it the coup de grace for Silvia?

Here come the latest previews of the plot of the episodes of A Place in the Sun, from March 27 to April 1. The situation of the Volcano becomes tragic: a new social controversy breaks out against the bar and could be the coup de grace.


Meanwhile Navy is increasingly affected by the behavior of Lara. The woman does everything to destroy the life of Robert and Marina to get her revenge and the latter ends up putting her niece at risk.

A place at SunLet’s see the previews.

Lara’s constant presence will cause a lot of tension in Marina, who will only think about her machinations.

Filippo and Serena will leave Irene with grandmother Marina, who will gladly offer to take care of her. Too bad that Marina is fed up with Lara and that, in a moment of distraction, she causes an accident for the child.

Upset, poor Giordano won’t know how to apologize to Filippo and Serena, who will understand how dangerous Lara is becoming.

Serena and Filippo will talk to Roberto, informing him of the situation and inviting him to distance himself from Lara, who is obsessing Marina with her machinations.

The situation will take an unexpected turn after the umpteenth move by Lara, which will make Roberto and Marina experience a moment of terror.

unexpected turn in the relationship between Viola and Eugenio, who seemed to have reached the end of the line by now. Nicotera, after his wife’s confession about her feelings for Damiano, will ask for separation, but over time she will realize that she has made the wrong choice.

Viola, for her part, will realize that she still loves Eugenio: the previews of the next episodes of Un posto al sole reveal that Eugenio will retrace his steps, ready to give Viola a second chance.

There will also be time to talk about Silvia’s story, who will have to face a new social storm against Caffè Vulcano. This time, there will seem to be no way out.

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