Are men and women Desdemona and Giuseppe together? She reveals the whole truth

In the last few hours, the former lady of Men and Women Desdemona has revealed on social media whether she is with Giuseppe or not.

The former lady of the throne Over Desdemona Balzano, after being kicked out by Maria De Filippi in the last episodes of Men and Women, has repeatedly intervened on social networks on the matter. Here she commented on what happened, clarifying his position and telling how things really went – from his point of view -. He also announced that she would take legal measures against some protagonists including Armando Incarnato and Gianni Sperti.

But that is not all. In the last few hours, the former lady he wanted to clarify his relationship with the knight Giuseppe, something requested several times by many fans and followers. In particular, he shed light on what happened during that ‘famous episode’ of the Canale Cinque dating show and whether the two of them are actually together at the moment or not. Here’s what she said.

Men and women, Desdemona reveals if she is with Giuseppe

In the last few hours, a few days after the wave of his ‘expulsion’ from the studio, the former lady of Men and Women she spoke again on social media about the matter. In particular, she wanted to clarify once and for all how things went between her and the knight Giuseppe during the famous episode.

He made his debut explaining what happened on the day of registrationwhile she was back in the studio, after Maria’s ‘expulsion’: “Many have mistakenly thought that he had deliberately left me alone to face my return to the studio. We both want to clarify that things did not turn out that way. When I returned, I did so because I thought it appropriate to explain the reasons for my actions. Even though I was aware of what was going to happen and that I would have exposed myself to a real ‘target practice’. Of course I didn’t expect Tina to even object to me that I didn’t even have the right to sit on the stairs. As if I were the bearer of the scarlet letter from Hawthorne’s novel. No one had told Giuseppe, who had gone out to follow me and shown to the dressing rooms, that I had returned to the studio. While they told me they couldn’t find it. Well, it must have been a coincidence! Or maybe someone thought it was more audience to leave me alone and face the pillory, with the thought that he had abandoned me“.

He then revealed whether at the moment she and the knight Giuseppe are together or if they said goodbye: “Now we are here and together. Tough times often bring out the best in people and this fall was the jolt that made us realize how strong our bond is. My only regret is not realizing it sooner. But in life true strength doesn’t possess it who doesn’t fall mine. But who after every fall gets back on his feet trying to do his best not to fall again. Hoping to have accumulated enough strength to get up again, and again!“.

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