Friends 22, the summary of the first episode

Friends 22, the summary of the first episode
Friends 22, the summary of the first episode

The first episode of the evening has just ended Friends 22the talent led by Maria DeFilippi which tonight saw the elimination of the dancer Megan Ria and the singer NDG.

But let’s take a step back. This evening the students performed on stage, challenging each otherunder the watchful eyes of the professors and the three new judges, that is Michael Good, Joseph Giofrè And Cristiano Malgioglio.

After the usual greetings, the competition got underway. The first to challenge each other were Clique with surprise me And Isobel Kinnear who danced to the tune of Welcome to burlesque winning the challenge; followed by Gianmarco Petrelli who danced to the tune of I wanna be your slave And Angelina Mango who sang A house of you. Point for the singer.

The third and final challenge instead saw a Gauntlet between Magdalene Svevi And Isobelwon by the latter.

Once the first round was over, three students ended up on the ballot. We are talking about Madeleine – who danced to the tune of The man who Loved Women-, Megan Ria And Clique which he sang instead Long live life And Just the way you are. Unfortunately, it was the worst Riawho had to leave the talent show, even though she was awarded a 5-week scholarship in New York.

The second round of the first episode of Amici 22 saw the proposal of a gauntlet between wax And Aaron not done because it was judged unfair by the judges. However, another gauntlet on the song was proposed to follow Back homewon by Aaron.

Matthias Zenzola with a pas de deux and little g with the song Splash they were the protagonists of the second challenge; point for Matthias. The third and final challenge involved instead Ramón Agnelli And Isobel – who won – against wax.

Again the team of Rudy Zerbi And Alessandra Celentano he prevailed; and to go to the ballot were Matthias, wax And Federica Andreaniwho has provisionally dropped out of school.

Then it was the turn of the gauntlet between the prof. Lorella Cuccarini and Emanuel Lo they danced together, Arise has sung In the blue painted blue and then danced with Raymond Todaro And Alexandra And Rudy they performed with a tribute to Malgioglio. Test won by the latter.

The third and final run of the first episode of Friends 22 it opened with a challenge between Ramon who danced Flames of Parisagainst Angelina who sang May 9th. Point for the dancer.

Then they challenged each other Secret Samuel who danced to the tune of Ash And Aaron which he intoned I who do not live; point for Samu. The last challenge saw instead NDG against Isobelwho beat the singer.

At this point they went to the ballot NDG, Madeleine And Angelina. The last two were saved, while the singer lost and therefore had to challenge Federicawhich was released earlier.

Guests of the show Pius and Amedeowho, as usual, entertained the public and the jury.

Space then for the final challenge between Federica And NDG. The singer sang Slide And Tangoand during the performance she got very emotional, but she left again and received compliments from Mary. NDG instead he performed with I want more And Uptown funk.

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