Mujgan of Terra Amara thanks Italy with a spoiler

Mujgan of Terra Amara thanks Italy with a spoiler
Mujgan of Terra Amara thanks Italy with a spoiler

Space for many new revelations and discoveries in today’s episode of Verissimo 18 March. Between international stars such as Melike Ipek Yalova of Terra Amara, up to the parade of Italian show business personalities, who shared many joys with the public, but also pains that are difficult to bear. Let’s see in detail what happened in the episode with the most talked about soap star of the moment.

Melike’s revelations

Una and the protagonists of the internationally successful soap, Melike Ipek Yalova, took the stage of Verissimo to thank Italy on behalf of Turkeyfor all the love and support from the peninsula in the days following the tragic earthquake which devastated his state, bringing many Turkish families to their knees and causing countless damage and deaths. In fact, according to what the actress said, it seems that Italy was among the very first countries to take part in relief and humanitarian aid activities in its country. The actress then continued underlining all the similarities between his fellow Turkish citizens and the Italianswhich he has come to know studying in the peninsulaa, describing both nations as very fraternal and able to rally around people in need in the case of tragedies like these. Besides, alone few years the Italians experienced similar emotions with the drama of the earthquakes that hit central Italyso he knows well the sense of helplessness felt by the Turks.

The sensational scoop on Terra Amara

The thanks of the actress do not end here, however, but they continue by bringing us an exclusive scoop on the series which sees Melike protagonist in the role of Mujgan. Indeed, it seems that his character is expecting a child, we find out through the revelation of the sweet expectation has Yilmaz, followed by the announcement of the couple to future grandparents. Melike further states that she would never compromise in love like her character: “I wouldn’t behave like that in love. I think there are situations in life where you need to compromise, but not in this case.” As for the character of Mujgan, Melike adds: “For me it was a very important role. I like my character because he has many facetsit has many colors”.

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