Palazzo Vecchio smeared, the commissioner embarrasses the mayor. Tilt left

Palazzo Vecchio smeared, the commissioner embarrasses the mayor. Tilt left
Palazzo Vecchio smeared, the commissioner embarrasses the mayor. Tilt left

An inconsiderate gesture, which has been around the world. An almost unanimous condemnation. Towards a group of eco-terrorists. An assessor who slipped on the infamous banana peel. He is still discussing the demonstrative action of yesterday morning, when two activists of the self-styled group called “Last Generation” daubed Palazzo Vecchio, one of the most representative monuments of Florence, with orange paint. The councilor for the environment and ecological transition Andrea Giorgio said he wanted to talk and meet the two criminals. A choice that the centre-right opposition did not like at all.

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“These guys are vandals, for some months they have been defacing paintings, monuments and historic buildings to draw attention to their issues – underlined the group leader in the Tuscany Region for Forza Italia, Marco Stella – Spoiled people who have no respect for our heritage artistic and for the work of others. I wonder who dictated the line at Palazzo Vecchio, if the mayor Nardella or the councilor Giorgio who is also the Florentine coordinator of the Schlein motion “.

The municipal councilors of the Brothers of Italy Alessandro Draghi and Jacopo Cellai are also on the same line. “Does Florence have an administration that extends its hand to criminals? We are faced with a declaration of unprecedented gravity and it deserves an explanation from our mayor. Nardella dismisses commissioner Del Re from the junta, guilty of having expressed an opinion on the passage of the tram in Piazza Duomo, which, curious to note, is the same as commissioner Giorgio, and serenely supports Giorgio’s invitation to listen and confront the boys of the Last Generation, the barbarians of a second before. How much hypocrisy, how much confusion”.

The opinion expressed by Emanuele Cocollini, vicar vice president of the municipal council, is also absolutely rejected. “Let’s imagine the dialogue between these two souls of the environmental left, of struggle and of government. We imagine, and shudder. How is it possible that a member of the municipal council, a representative of the institutions, wants to dialogue with those who target our monuments, the symbols of our history and civil coexistence to assert their reasons? At the worst of the left, alas, there is no end”.

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