The father of the comedian Pio D’Antini died: the moving social greeting

Grave mourning for the comedian and actor Pio D’Antiniwhich should soon return to TV together with the historic joke partner for the second season of their show. A few hours ago the actor has in fact announced through his social channels that he has lost his father, the man had been ill for some timebut this does not erase the pain in the heart of the comedian, who entrusts a tender greeting to social networks.

The moving letter

Accompanied by a photo that portrays Pio in the company of his late father and brotherthe comedian writes a few lines to remember the man who raised him: “Hello Dad. Bye my loveyou stopped suffering and perhaps that was what you really wanted. On this day so sad for all of us I would like to say thank you only. Thank you because you brought me into the world, thank you because every time you gave me the right advice with infinite wisdom. Thank you for teaching me loyalty. You were a great man, a man from another time. They say I’m the one who looks like you the most… I’m proud of it Pa’!”. Continuing the greetings he then continues with a sort of dedication:”Every time I look at the sky I will find a starthe most beautiful, the most radiant and I will try to photograph it at its best” as you liked it… And that’s where I’ll find you. I love you my life… so you told me stripping yourself naked on Christmas day… I love you my life… have a safe journey and always show me the right path”. Pio and Medeo have just aired exclusively on Verissimobut neither of them mentioned what happened. That’s because probably the episode was recorded before the tragic event. In fact, it is customary for the show to film even a day before the broadcast.

The support of other VIPs

Several faces of the show have expressed their support via social media to the comic, among these we find: , Andrea Delogu, Sergio Friscia, Nina Zilli, Max Brigante, Mara Venier, Elisabetta Canalis, Kledi, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Fabio Cannavaro, Filippo Magnini and Jimmy Ghione Clementino And Ciro Ferrara. Many more are joining hour after hour to express their regret.

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