burning accusations and revelations about the program

In the last few hours, the former lady of Men and Women Desdemona Balzano has returned to social media to talk about what happened in the past few episodes.

Desdemona Balzano, in the latest episodes of Men and Women, she was invited by Maria De Filippi to come out of the studio and therefore from the program. The reason? Due to some burning reports/revelations about him and his real intentions within the Canale Cinque dating show.

It was Armando Incarnato who revealed the whole truth via audio received on Whatsapp. Audio that she then later, during the episode, submitted to Gianni Sperti, Tina Cipollari and Maria De Filippi. For this reason, after learning the content of the ‘offending’ audios, the presenter decided to send her away from the program.

The former lady of the throne Over, after the ‘expulsion’ from the studio, intervened on social networks, clarifying her position and telling how things really went – from her point of view -. You also announced that you would take legal action against some protagonists including Armando Incarnato and Gianni Sperti: “In the episode recorded on 07-03-2023 I discovered not only that some of my private conversations, held with a former participant, had been recorded without my knowledge. But also that they had been sent to third parties for the sole purpose of harming my image and reputation! (…) Add to this the fact that it does not authorize anyone to record my private phone calls and my messages. Nor to disseminate them without express authorization, violating my privacy“.

Men and women, Desdemona launches burning accusations and revelations

In the last few hours, a few days after the wave of his ‘expulsion’ from the studio, the former lady of Men and Women she spoke again on social media about the matter. In particular, she wanted to clarify once and for all how things went between her and the knight Giuseppe during the famous episode.

I have been asked by several people what had happened between me and Giuseppe. Many have mistakenly thought that he had deliberately left me alone to face my return to the studio“, thus began Desdemona in a long post on his official Instagram profile.

To then continue: “We both want to clarify that things did not turn out that way. When I returned, I did so because I thought it appropriate to explain the reasons for my actions. Even though I was aware of what was going to happen and that I would have exposed myself to a real ‘target practice’. Of course I didn’t expect Tina to even object to me that I had no right even to sit on the stairs, as if I were the bearer of the scarlet letter from Hawthorne’s novel“.

He thus concluded: “No one had told Giuseppe, who had gone out to follow me and shown to the dressing rooms, that I had returned to the studio. While they told me they couldn’t find it. Well, it must have been a coincidence! Or maybe someone thought it was more audience to leave me alone and face the pillory, with the thought that he had abandoned me“.

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