Today is another day at risk of closure: the reason is incomprehensible

Today is another day at risk of closure: the reason is incomprehensible
Today is another day at risk of closure: the reason is incomprehensible

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In a company that follows commercial and market logic, a television program that collects satisfactory ratings earns automatic reconfirmation. There RaiHowever, despite the proclamations of politicians of all strengths, sometimes it reasons according to different logics, as if to say “party”, and not very understandable for users who pay the license fee. So it can happen that a well-constructed transmission and with more than good Auditel data can be questioned. It seems to be the case withToday is another day” by Serena Bortoneweekday afternoon program of Rai Uno (airs Monday to Friday 2-4pm).

According to reports from Dagospia, “Today is another day” could be closed in the next season. The portal directed by Roberto D’Agostino points out that the talk obtained ratings absolutely in line with the expectations of state television. Not only that: it is also a product which, according to analysts of the small screen, has raised the quality level of the network. And so what? What’s the problem? Why would there be an air of change? Because other reasons could take over, ie policies: Serena Bortone, writes Dagospia, “it is considered close to the center-left, in that time slot the majority parties (especially the Brothers of Italy and the League) would dream of different names. Which?”.

New programmes, old logics: since time immemorial Rai has been ‘subdivided’. In other words, those who govern at a national level often, indeed always, impose on state TV men they trust and who are able to dictate an editorial line closer to themselves. This is a phenomenon that has existed since the existence of the Italian public radio and television service.

It would be desirable for public broadcasters to enjoy autonomy. It would, indeed, be conditional. And as mentioned before, we are not dealing with a dynamic relating to a single political force. Every time the executive changes (and as is well known in Italy it changes often), there are new appointments and new directives. No party has been an exception and has always tried to lay down the law. And every now and then programs end up in the middle of it which, in a reality not centered on ‘politicism’, would sleep more than peacefully.

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