“I will never be interviewed by Francesca Fagnani, I’ll explain why”

“I will never be interviewed by Francesca Fagnani, I’ll explain why”
“I will never be interviewed by Francesca Fagnani, I’ll explain why”

Guest of today’s episode of TvTalk on Rai 3, Antonella Clerici admitted that she will never appear in an episode of ‘Belve’, hosted by Francesca Fagnani and explained the reason.

In today’s episode of TvTalk on Rai 3, there were among the guests most awaited by the general public Francesca Fagnani, Francesco Arca and Antonella Clerici. In chronological order it was first the Roman journalist’s turn, then the Sienese actor and, finally, the presenter from Legnano. As with every guest, Massimo Bernardini’s assistants also analyzed the audience data for Clerici’s programs. As expected, over a third of the audience of ‘It’s Always Noon’, ‘The Voice Senior’ and ‘The Voice Kids’ it is made up of over 65s. But there is also a surprise: 18% are aged between between 15 and 19 years old.

In the subsequent passages of the interview, there was talk of social media. Clerici elicited laughter in the studio when she admitted that she uses Instagram very little and when she does, at the most, “thank the craftsman who sent me the caciotta”.

The fact that you don’t use it to advertise products or services and generally to make extra money, attracts fewer ‘haters’ on your profile. According to some present in the studio, in fact, Clerici is one of the Italian presenters the less you hate, or that at least receives fewer negative comments on social media than colleagues. More than Instagram, the presenter is active on twitter, where he comments on the salient facts of current events and sometimes also on other television programmes.

Antonella Clerici on Francesca Fagnani

The conductor Massimo Bernardini asked her if she would ever be interviewed by Francesca Fagnani, a guest before her. “I respect Francesca so much, I consider her very good, both at asking questions and at listening. I wouldn’t let her interview me for a simple reason: I’m not beast enough. I don’t have enough skeletons in the closet and an interesting interview or at least suitable for his program would not come out”. In the following passages, Sanremo was mentioned: Clerici was one of the few women who led the Festival. When she is asked who she would see instead of Amadeus, the presenter is diplomatic: “I hope it’s a woman. I can’t give names: it would be incorrect. I can say that I really like the way Katia Follesa, Alessia Marcuzzi, Andrea Delogu and Silvia Toffanin work”.

In the final stages, there is talk of the possible disappearance of the professional figure of the television host. “In my opinion we are dying out. Today everything is consumed much faster. If we exclude those who have been in television for more than twenty years, all the other hosts have a different life, work on multiple platforms and have more income. In my opinion we are the last stars of popular TV. Also because the public has changed: my 14-year-old daughter goes to RaiPlay, Netflix and similar apps: she chooses her schedule “.

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