Maria Sofia Pia Federico, her photos are spread online!

Maria Sofia Pia Federico, her photos are spread online!
Maria Sofia Pia Federico, her photos are spread online!

Maria Sofia Pia Federico talks about her intimate photos spread online and reveals that she wants to report what happened. Here’s what she said.

Maria Sofia Pia Federico ended up at the center of a very complicated situation. In fact, recently they leaked her intimate photos online. This afternoon, with a video on Instagram, the creator has decided to report what happened, speaking openly about it to the entire community and sending a message of hope to all* those who have been * involved * in a situation like this:

I decided to make a video to demonstrate that I didn’t look for it. So we can help anyone else who has experienced non-consensual sharing of intimate material respond to this violence. Having the habit of stripping in front of a large crowd doesn’t make it easier for me to accept being violated by another. I choose to have one type of interaction with a third party and he agrees to have it with me, but if I am touched without my approval, that portion of the power that is necessary for an equal relationship is taken away from me and I am transformed. into a sex object. I am a sexual subject and everything I do, even the things considered most extreme, actively exist thanks to my will, and cease to exist as soon as I stop exercising it.

Maria Sofia Pia Federico also underlined how finding alternative ways to avoid tackling the problem is totally wrong, as it would lead to normalize these situations: “It’s silly to think that not sending or posting anything is a way around the problem, because otherwise let’s win a system that expects us to adapt to abuses assuming that the world will never change”.

The creator, after recounting her experience, showing her emotions, recalled how important it is report situation like these: “Words shape reality, and if we collectively spent less time pronouncing stereotyped phrases and replaced them with phrases like: ‘No one should mutilate his personal freedom for fear of receiving an injustice’, mass culture would change. I’m going to report the incident, inviting you to take legal action in your turn in case the same fate should happen to you”.

In short, a really beautiful message that we at Webboh have decided to share, and what do you think?

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