The mysteries of Takarajima and the super doctor of the darkest Kabukicho: what’s drama new

The new mystery project by director Keishi Otomo (Rurouni Kenshin) has been revealed; the mountains of Nagano in Mountain Doctor and the upcoming crime series

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Everyone has heard of Shinjuku’s popular Kabukicho district, but how many can say they really know it?
The gaze of the brilliant screenwriter and director Kankuro Kudo offers a new perspective from which to observe it, in the new series arriving in July:

Shinjuku Yasen Byouin – neighborhoods of Tokyo (Shinjuku), doctor, enterprising protagonist – drama (July 2024)

The fervent mind of screenwriter Kankuro Kudo (Let’s Divorce!, Extremely Inappropriate!, Saving my stupid youth) is the basis of the original story whose drama will debut in the summer on Fuji TVstarring Eiko Koike and Taiga Nakano.
Alongside them also Ai Hashimoto and Gaku Hamada:

In the popular Kabukicho district of Shinjuku, in Tokyo, there is a dated but rather peculiar hospital: precisely because of the presence of the entertainment district, patients different from the average Japanese are welcomed here, from the homeless to foreign residents, from hosts to prostitutes and figures connected to the world of paid sex.
One day, the mysterious Yoko Nishi Freeman appears in the hospital: she is a doctor with US citizenship who has experience in military hospitals. When the woman begins her work in the facility, she quickly becomes a figure whose presence illuminates the serenity of the patients around her.
Toru Takamine, on the other hand, is a cosmetic dermatologist who carries out anesthesia studies at his uncle’s hospital, where Yoko works; His goal would be to remodel the hospital into a cosmetic surgery institute, but meeting Yoko will change his life.

At the debut in the medical genre there are also:

Notes and curiosities:


The director of Rurouni Kenshin And The Legend & ButterflyKeishi Otomo, returns with a project based on the award-winning novel Takarajima by Junjō Shindō.
Satoshi Tsumabuki will play the lead role, with Suzu Hirose, Masataka Kubota and Eita (Eita Nagayama) as co-stars.

takarajima poster cast

Curiosity: In 2018 the novel received the 9th Yamada Futaro Novel Award Takarajimaalso awarded the 160th Naoki Sanjugo Award the following year.
Filming began in February 2024 in Okinawa and concludes in June.

On the post-war island of Okinawa, the gang of kids “Sakuga Agiyars” infiltrates US military bases to steal food and supplies to distribute to the residents, with praise from the latter. The group is made up of childhood friends Gusuku, Yamako, Rei and On, who dream big for their future.
The eldest is On, whose great charisma allows him to guide his friends as a leader and hero; during the raid of a dramatic night, in which he risks everything after being chased by US soldiers, On suddenly disappears.
Several years later, the three have respectively become a police officer, an elementary school teacher and a yakuza; without being able to find peace, they still chase the mystery of the disappearance of On, whom they have never stopped admiring, to finally learn a shocking truth.

At the debut on the drama / crime / mystery genre there are also:

Ano Hito ga Kieta

Warau Matryoshka

Notes and curiosities:


Angry Squad – comedy, crime, drama, mystery, satire – film (November 2024)

Director Shin’ichiro Ueda returns with a film inspired by the Korean drama 38sagidongdaewhich will feature the good ones Seiyo Uchino And Masaki Okada:


A unique task force is formed by combining law enforcement and criminals to target tax evaders. A determined and dedicated public official enlists the assistance of a professional conman to outwit the corrupt elite of tax evaders and complete his mission in the name of justice.

At the debut on the comedy/crime genre there is also:


  • At the 119th edition (Winter 2024) of the The Television Drama Academy, the drama Extremely Inappropriate! Of TBSalso available in Italy on Netflixwon six awards, namely: Best Drama, Best Leading Actor (Sadao Abe), Best Supporting Actress (Yūmi Kawai), Best Screenplay (Kankuro Kudo), Best Director (Fuminori Kaneko, Takuya Sakagami, Juntaro Furubayashi, Atsushi Watanabe and Taichi Imura), Best Theme Song (Nidone – Creepy Nuts).
  • After the recent alliance made between the Japanese TBS and Korean CJ ENMAlso TV Asahi and Korean society SLL they decide to do the same: the collaboration agreement for the creation of new content for the global market was signed on May 17th;
asahi tv agreement
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