“He auditioned before he died, he was my lighthouse”

Nicola’s match on Affari Tuoi is dedicated to his father who, before his death, applied to participate in the program. The competitor in this evening’s episode on Wednesday 29 May accepted 20 thousand euros offered by the doctor before the bitter ending: in his package there were 300 thousand euros.

The protagonist of Business Yours of tonight’s episode, May 29, 2024, it was Nicholascompetitor of the region Campania. A bank employee, he was accompanied by his wife Anna, married 10 years ago. The match was dedicated to his father who had auditioned to participate in the program before his death. Nicola and Anna returned home with 20 thousand euros, an amount offered by the doctor and accepted. Their package, however, contained 300 thousand euros.

Nicola and Anna’s match at Affari Tuoi

Nicola’s game at Affari Tuoi didn’t start with a bang: the first opened package contained 200 thousand euros, the second 30 thousand, the third 5 thousand. After the fourth red card in a row (containing 50 thousand euros), “the time has come to call a friend, Trentino Alto Adige”, Nicola said. His friend’s package contained 100 euros: “In difficult times, friends exist”, the comment. After opening another blue, the first phone call came from the doctor who offered him 24 thousand euros. “We are grateful to the doctor, it is an important offer but we are moving forward” the contestant declared before shredding the check. Out comes a blue, then another red, 75 thousand euros, and the exchange offer arrives. Nicola stated: “I don’t have favorite numbers, I believe in family values ​​and maybe there was supposed to be another person here. Many years ago my father auditioned before he passed away, so the phone never rang again. When I was called, I told mom and the first thought went to him. He was a lighthouse, our reference. But behind every lighthouse there is that corner of darkness, and only when the light goes out, that corner lights up and you discover people, like my mother, who is a rock. She told me to come here, she told me “I would have seen dad there, but I’ll see you.” I thank the doctor, but that’s okay. I refuse the exchange“.

The bitter ending for Nicola and Anna

Nicola’s game continued with a new offer from the doctor, 19 thousand euros, rejected, and after eliminating another blue, he was asked to choose between exchange or offer. Once he decided on the latter, the doctor proposed 20 thousand euros. Then the competitor commented: “You didDuring a ride some time ago, you said ‘you don’t have to feel the bitterness of returning home empty-handed’ because it’s already an advantage to be here. I want to think. Maybe it’s not the match we expected, but if we get a blue player the figure goes up a little.” His wife Anna at his side tried to make him think: “20 thousand euros doesn’t change our lives”. Nicola, however, was determined: “Money has a value. I don’t want to go home empty-handed, we’re going on safari. It didn’t go the way I wanted, you stay by my side. It’s not much, but let’s give value to money”. Although his wife and the public disagreed and the 300 thousand euros were still at stake, the competitor decided to accept the offer. Too bad, because his package contained 300 thousand euros.

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