How are the unreleased songs of the Amici 23 finalists doing in the rankings, after the release of the EPs

How are the unreleased songs of the Amici 23 finalists doing in the rankings, after the release of the EPs
How are the unreleased songs of the Amici 23 finalists doing in the rankings, after the release of the EPs

Friends of Maria De Filippi 2023/2024

May 28, 2024


Here’s how the unreleased songs of the Amici 23 finalists went, after the publication of all the EPs: only Joseph by Holden, published last May 24th, was missing.

Petit, Sarah and Holden at Amici 23, 2024

10 days after the final of Amici 23, all the competitors who participated in the last phase of the competition have published their EP. At the roll call only Holden was missingwho, unlike the other three finalists in the singing category, had decided to wait another week for the release of the EP Joseph. A choice that may have been dictated by the need to test your project alone, without uniting it, at least in the first listens, to that of Midas, Petit and the winner Sarah. Holden focused on an unreleased title Obsidianbut above all on collaboration with Gaia Gozzi, former winner of Amici and on the radio also with Sex and Samba, in collaboration with Tony Effe. Over 400 thousand total streams for the two songs, while in the background, Strays has exceeded 2 million streams: it is the last unreleased song presented within the program.

Different numbers instead for The sun inside of Midas. Released last May 17th, the project contains, in addition to the single Que Pasathe title track and Life Earthquake. If the title track is the only unreleased song on the project (Life Earthquake it had already been presented by Mida at the auditions of the Canale 5 programme) is also the one that collected the fewest numbers in the EP, 342 thousand. Although The sun inside remains the EP with the most streams on the platform, also thanks to the successes of Fire red And You will hate me, a total of almost 45 million streams. Mida is also the only artist of this edition to place two songs in the Top 100 of the best-selling singles of this week: in 55th place we find Fire redWhile Que Pasa only 79th.

Smaller numbers for Petit, who doesn’t seem to be able to translate it into numbers with the EP of the same name the great experience conducted during Amici. The Campanian author was one of the best performers during this edition, managing to bring together a heterogeneous audience with a clear musical style that was immediately influenced by the use of dialect and the French language. His Hurt methe unreleased song presented in his EP stops below 120 thousand plays: it gets worse Brooklyn, his first unreleased piece within the broadcast, stopped at 73 thousand streams. While the last piece of her, Mammami is in line with the latest unpublished works presented within the broadcast, racking up nearly 2.3 million streams on Spotify. The song also entered the Top 100 of the best-selling singles in Italy, drawn up by FIMI, at 70th position.

Amici 23, Sarah Toscano on her relationship with Holden: “We have bonded a lot recently”

Finally, we arrive at the winner of Amici, who is also on an instore tour afterwards the publication of the EP of the same name. The young singer, born in 2006 from Vigevano, is doing well with her project, with Sexy Magic reached over 2.2 million streams on Spotify, while The last time, his unreleased post-broadcast hit 256 thousand listeners. None of the songs from the EP managed to enter the charts of the Top 100 best-selling singles in Italy in the last week, while the situation is different in the Ear One charts, where Sexy Magica stands at 40th position. Numbers that tell how the singer got it right the last unpublished piece to be presented within the broadcast (and they could increase in the coming months), but also how much work is needed for the four contestants, once they leave the show. Not only in the programming of releases for the next few months, but also in the construction of a musical imagination which cannot necessarily stop at what happened in the eight months within the broadcast. An urgent need to give voice to one’s musical idea, as happened only 12 months ago with Angelina Mango.

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