Giorgia Meloni in Caviano: «The “Pino daniele” center is only the first stage, no walkway»

Giorgia Meloni in Caviano: «The “Pino daniele” center is only the first stage, no walkway»
Giorgia Meloni in Caviano: «The “Pino daniele” center is only the first stage, no walkway»

«The State can keep its commitments, the institutions can keep their commitments. And here the State and the institutions behaved as they should always behave.” There’s no point in beating around the bush: yesterday is Caivano’s day but, above all, the day of Giorgia Meloni. He promised last September 1st, still here, that the sports center would be inaugurated by May ex Delphiniathe place of horrors against two cousins ​​aged 10 and 12: «and today is May 28th.

We succeeded”, he underlines with ill-concealed pride. The prime minister arrives an hour late but, in addition to being “moved”, she later remarked, she is also excited. Very. Proof of this is the video, in an area closed to the press, where as soon as he arrives, after the tour of the new structure, he heads towards the institutional authorities to say hello. And here, in front of the prefect and the Minister of the Interior, she goes straight towards the governor. But she greets him like this: «President De Lucathat bitch Meloni, how is she?», leaving the former mayor dumbfounded. What he wants to remove is not a pebble from his shoe but a boulder: to remember that governor’s off-air in Rome, we are in mid-February, against the leader Fdi.


It was necessary to see what this sports center was, now named after Pino Daniele, 9 months ago. It was dangerous for anyone to venture into: among junkies and thugs of all kinds, starting with the pack that used violence against the two girls. Since yesterday, after months of work and reclamation, it is a cutting-edge sports center, ready for use, where over 40 disciplines can be practiced in the middle of a well-kept park. And the ministers were with Meloni yesterday Piantedosi and Abodithe head of the Police Vittorio Pisani and Marco Mezzaroma, the president of Sport and Health, the public company that oversaw the work.

«My emotion is bordering on emotion. We started from an unspeakable horror, that violence perpetrated by the pack on two innocent girls and by the failure of the institutions here which have failed to defend the weakest, the most fragile”, underlines Meloni, thanking Don Maurizio Patriciello: «I knew him for his exploits and he wrote to me “come here to see the damned of the Caivano Green Park”. I decided to do exactly this, I came but – he adds – we didn’t limit ourselves to dutiful condemnation and solidarity, we instead said what the institutions would do to prevent it from happening again. We assumed our responsibilities by making a bet that was certainly demanding and which, not surprisingly, the institutions in the past had preferred not to make, because it was risky.”

But the sports center is only one piece because the prime minister claims to have «also brought back here the hope and joy of normal things, of things I would say banal: I was very struck months ago by the video of a mother who here in Caivano was able to bring her son at the park and was happy to be able to do something that for most of us is the most natural thing in the world, but not here. And we brought back the playground, the municipal nursery where children can grow up, we brought – he adds – more teachers into the schools, social workers who are missing and we brought back a center where we can be together, play sports and breathe in the beauty of life”. “This is why we are very proud,” she underlines.

And he explains the future: «This is only one stage of our work. I am thinking of the creation of the Civil Protection coordination centre, I am thinking of the agreement made with the universities of Campania which will allow us to create a university campus from 3,800 square meters which will host various degree courses and I am also thinking – he adds – of the future university center of Afragola which will be built inside an asset seized from the mafia: in Villa Moccia, symbol of the clan’s power in the area”. It all started with Don’s request for help Maurizio Patriciello, the parish priest of Parco Verde who has lived under guard for years.

And from the stage he talks about how he started sending messages to the prime minister to ask for intervention on the sports center as early as mid-July. “I managed to get his number from a parliamentarian,” he says. Days pass before the prime minister responds. Then the last call for help at the end of August, when violence against the two girls by the pack came to light. «I wouldn’t have bet a euro that she would come. But – says Don Maurizio, moved – after eight days he was here. And now, as they say in Neapolitan, o vveco e nun ‘o crero».

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