«Me lolita? Not at all, I’m not vulgar”

«I’m dreaming, I ended up in another world: it’s beautiful and I’m still not realizing it. I have no tame, zero, I’m full of adrenaline»: Sarah Toscano, born in Vigevano (Pavia) 18 years ago, won the final of Friends (31.8% share, 4 million 484 thousand spectators), Maria De Filippi’s talent show from which she left last year (as second) Angelina Mango, with which Sarah – starting from her look – has more than one point of contact. Her journey was not an improvised journey (He has been studying piano since he was 4 years old), but it didn’t seem like she was the favorite to win. She was the last to take her place in the evening, the last to enter the six-way final (“I was all anxious, I was convinced I was going home»).

«I have always been very demanding of myself, in everything I do – she said while attending school Friends —. Ever since I was little I wanted to always be at the top, always perfect in what I did. I am very self-critical and have low self-esteem, I’m afraid of the judgment of others and of being disappointed.” Self-esteem is better now: «Yes, it has increased, because I won by televoting so it means that the public understood me, he appreciates me and likes what I do. I also understood that to please others, I must be the first to like myself.” During the program Anna Pettinelli (the singing teacher) had compared her to one lolita: «I was upset because it doesn’t have a positive meaning. However, I really liked what Michele Bravi told me, that I can be captivating without being vulgar. I recognize myself in this definition.”

The girl who won does not use autotune and this is also news: «I’m not against autotune on principle, it’s a nice tool, it makes sense as a stylistic effectI myself use it in some songs, but in others I prefer to make my voice heard clean and natural». There are two models he looks at: Dua Lipa and Roger Federer. In addition to singing, his other passion is tennis (he played at a competitive level), a sport that helps to deal with complicated moments: «ITennis teaches you to handle certain situations on your own, on the field you have to be good at understanding how to get out of an uncomfortable situation.” Today he is not aiming for Roland Garros, but for Sanremo. Calmly. «I’m very young, let’s see when I have the right piece and it will be the right time».

Thus ends yet another edition of a program that seems not to have noticed the passage of time. Also Pier Silvio Berlusconi he recognizes it: «Friends has become much more than a successful television program. Amici is a national event, it is the most important Italian entertainment factory».

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