Affari Tuoi, Luca (record-breaking) wins a staggering sum

During the new episode of Your businesson air Friday 17 May in the early evening of Rai 1, Luca (from Trentino Alto Adige), with package number 2, risks everything to the last and becomes the protagonist of one historic winnever seen in the program hosted by Amadeus before last night, when the man, joined in the studio by his eldest daughter Sarah – the first of five children -, found a staggering sum in his package. Let’s find out together what happened during the May 17th episode, starting from the first lines.

Affari Tuoi, episode of May 17: what happened to Luca and Sarah

I am blessed by luck Luca and Sarah, who with the first 6 shots only eliminate blue packages from the billboard and put the Doctor in difficulty, who offers 46 thousand euros, rejected by the father and daughter couple. The game continues better and better, with the competitor continuing to find low figures, some red but of little importance compared to the 75 thousand, 100 thousand, 200 thousand and 300 thousand euros, so much so that the Doctor first makes an offer of 50 thousand euros, then proposes a change , this time accepted – they swap the 2 for the number 4, with Amadeus declaring: “We were left speechless” – and later, when Luca finds himself with 2 blues and 6 reds, he offers 55 thousand euros. Luca and Sarah decide to move forward, but the game is definitely in their advantage, with the “party campaigns” that continue to play. After an offer of 61 thousand euros, the competitor accepts the second change, and the man goes to take the 7 to leave the 4 behind, a package that he had previously chosen at the request of his younger daughter, because “he told me: ‘I have a 22nd birthday, but that number isn’t there so let’s make it 2+2’“.

The grand finale

At this point they find the 200 thousand euros, but immediately afterwards the smile returns, because they choose the package that they had taken at the beginning of the race and whose value is 0 euros: “Safe money“, shouts the competing couple, jumping. At the end of the match, in fact, the 300 thousand, 100 thousand and 75 thousand euros are still at stake, and Amadeus comments: “I’ve never seen a board like this at Affari Tuoi“. With the next roll they lose the 100 thousand, but the Doctor offers a figure that leads to reflection: 150 thousand euros (“The highest ever made“, the host points out), money rejected after some hesitation on the part of Luca who initially wanted to accept the check. Luckily his daughter makes him change his mind, saying: “If there are 0 and 300 thousand they are accepted so as not to go home with nothing, but like this…” “I have to congratulate you. You have to be crazy, to try to win 300 thousand euros you have to risk it all, have a bit of madness“, Amadeus comments on the choice of competitor. They open package 7taken because the number of the entire family is considered, and they find the 300 thousand eurosa win that “will make history“: it had never happened that a competitor played the game to the end and won a staggering sum.

Comments on social media

Users on X (formerly Twitter) are incredulous at such luck but also a lot happy for the family’s win: “Literally the victory of a world championship“, “It was one of the craziest matches… Crazy” And “History has been written“, or: “I bow to these crazy assholes because honestly, faced with an offer of 150,000 euros, I wouldn’t have had the courage to go ahead and instead they did, and they did well” and “The play was crazy, he still has to realize it because his adrenaline was pumping and you can see it very well on his face, but the even more beautiful thing is to see Ama really happy and euphoric about their win.” And again: “He was about to accept the 150 thousand thinking about his wife’s happiness then listens to his daughter’s reasoning. She didn’t want to leave the 4th so as not to displease her little daughter but his instinct was stronger than hers… Extraordinary dad“. Someone else instead admits that they cried with emotion, as if they had won the money and not the competitor, while other users write that they screamed with joy when Luca and Sarah found the 300 thousand.

More or less the positive comments are all the same, although there is no shortage controversies: “Five children…a highly rigged match“, “Rai tries to save the abyss of L’Acchiappatalenti with the scams of Affari Tuoi. Not even the bathyscaphe Trieste could go that low” And “I love the ham on the eyes that 80% of Affari Tuoi fans have. A couple of precautions and we would all have understood that today they would have won the 300, you don’t need a degree in mathematics. Okay, congratulations to everyone“.

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