Men and Women, Alessandro Vicinanza’s reaction to Ida on the throne: dig at Instagram

Men and Women, Alessandro Vicinanza’s reaction to Ida on the throne: dig at Instagram
Men and Women, Alessandro Vicinanza’s reaction to Ida on the throne: dig at Instagram

Ida Platano is the new tronistaMen and women. Here’s how Alessandro Vicinanza reacted to the news: first dig on Instagram.

Even before it went on air, the news regarding the new tronista spread.Men and women. The abandonment of Manuela Carriero caused a vacancy in the daytime of Maria de Filippi: a place that was reserved for Ida Platano. The lady, with a certain following on social media, has found a way to return to Men and women and this time as the protagonist. Platano has in fact accepted the throne, she is certain of finding her prince charming.

Ida and Alessandro interview with Verissimo-foto ig

After the failure of the relationship with Riccardo Guarnieri with whom she came one step away from the altar and the sudden breakup with Alessandro VicinanzaIda agreed to test herself again. It must be said that the throne proposal came a few days after Alexander’s farewell. As many remember, the two decided to leave the throne last year, precisely in this period over together to live away from the cameras. Even though they lived in different cities for months, they managed to spend a lot of time together, their relationship always seemed stable and sincere, but apparently something didn’t go as expected.

Only a few days ago the two anta said goodbye. The reasons are not known, but Ida decided to look ahead and get involved. The throne could be an opportunity to choose the right one among many suitors. Obviously the news shocked the fans of the former lady, but also some of those present in the parterre of the throne over. Also it is possible that both Riccardo Guarnieri and Alessandro Vicinanza descend from the famous staircase, even if for Ida the two stories are now definitively closed, or at least so she believes. But how did Vicinanza react to knowing that his ex-girlfriend accepted the throne? The reaction was exemplary and found the approval of many fans.

Alessandro Vicinanza: “Moments when something begins and something ends”

“There are moments when everything changes and when something happens something begins or something ends. At your life lessons I always sit at the last bench throwing paper airplanes.” This is the caption that accompanies an image of Vicinanza smiling. The former knight is not at all tired, on the contrary he is determined to look forward certain of finding someone special in his future.

Alessandro Vicinanza the reaction to Ida’s throne – photo ig @ale__vi83-

The news of Ida on the throne did not particularly shake him, which is also why he preferred not to make any comments and did not respond to the many followers who made him aware of his ex-girlfriend’s new role in Maria de Filipp’s daytimethe. “You can’t stand taking her back, even on the throne no come on….have mercy on us.” A user wrote, but there are many who think this way.

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