“I lost 28 kg in a month”: the never-ending ordeal of the former Men and Women

“I lost 28 kg in a month”: the never-ending ordeal of the former Men and Women
“I lost 28 kg in a month”: the never-ending ordeal of the former Men and Women

Delicate moment for an ex of Men and Women: after hospitalization he explains to fans the nature of his health problems

In recent weeks, fans of Men and Women have been following with great concern on social media the updates on the health of one of the most beloved former protagonists of all time. Let’s talk about Andrea Cerioli, former well-known face of Maria De Filippi’s dating show, Big Brother and L’Isola dei Famosi.

The ex of Men and Women, Andrea Cerioli again in the emergency room (sulmonaoggi.it) -mediasetplay.it

The former tronista will soon become father by his partner Arianna Cirrincione, known right at U&D, but unfortunately she is going through a really complex period. In recent days you have decided to tell the story in detail the nature of his pains who are forcing him to often rush to the emergency room.

Men and Women, Andrea Cerioli breaks the silence on health problems

Hospitalized again, the 34-year-old, former tronista of Men and Women, tries to clarify his health conditions, which have been precarious for some time now. For some time the future father has been undergoing medical treatment to counteract the pain caused by frequent abdominal colic, due to sudden trips to the hospital. “I’m really exhausted from this period,” she confessed in an Instagram story. A not simple period that would have arisen from his experience at L’Isola dei Famosi. In fact, after the television trip to Honduras in which he lost around 26 kg, he returned to eating regularly and today he pays the consequences. “We had to integrate slowly,” the man revealed.

Andrea Cerioli of Men and Women has lost a lot of weight due to health problems (sulmonaoggi.it) -@iamandreacerioli

“Let’s go back two years. Before the island we were in quarantine, and like everyone or almost everyone, I enjoyed the house and especially the kitchen. I gained a lot of weight. Then the Island suddenly arrived and as you may remember I arrived looking plump. Lost 26kg in 80 days, having left there, ‘my mistake’, I went back to eating as before”. The young man he would have to integrate slowly the food and go back to eating as he did before in steps.

Men and Women, Andrea Cerioli’s confession – (Sulmonaoggi.it / Instagram: @AndreaCerioli)

“On the return flight they called a doctor in Mexico City because I felt terrible after eating at the airport. But I repeat, my mistake, after 80 days, the hunger was really great, real hunger. I gained 28/39 kg back in just over a month. Completely off blood tests and a very large liver which caused me quite a bit of pain,” says Cerioli. “I cured what was curable, then I was fine for months,” continues the boy before explaining the nature of the problems plaguing him now.

“Now in the last month, very strong sudden pains in the pit of the stomach, sternum and behind the back (the sensation is that of drinking a liter of ammonia) and in the gallbladder, caused by a stone little larger than a centimeter. But the problem is not the calculation, but the amount bilious sludge that swells me and, unable to get out, causes me a severe abdominal pain pouring bile into the stomach. So I think I understand. I’m not a doctor, although I’m quite knowledgeable by now.”

After new tests Andrea discovered the colic problem. “I have bile in my stomach and a hiatal hernia which complicates the pain caused by the discharge of bile into it. I had a biopsy to see if there is helicobacter, I will find out in about 10 days. On the one hand I would hope that there was so that I can treat this severe gastritis with antibiotics, managing to target the cause. In case it wasn’t there, I will continue therapy to clean the cholescisti (which for now does not need to be operated on, but needs to be torched and cleaned) and obviously sedate biliary gastritis with therapy”. “Now that the picture is all clear and the targeted therapy begins, I hope the descent begins,” he concluded, thanking everyone for the many demonstrations of affection, hoping to resolve the problem soon, so that he can be ready for the birth of his future unborn child.

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