Umit saves Zuleyha, but her secret is revealed

Umit saves Zuleyha, but her secret is revealed
Umit saves Zuleyha, but her secret is revealed

New twists in Cukurova in the episodes of the week from Monday 20th to Saturday 25th November of Bitter Earth. Zulehya, pregnant with her, risks her life, but Umit saves her. But who is really the doctor? New shadows about her past come to light. Let’s find out what will happen in the new episodes of the Turkish soap on Canale 5.

Monday 20th November

Gaffur nearly died in the fire and Demir and Zuleyha they decide to give him permission to return to live on the estate. But many wonder how Gulten will take it. Meanwhile, Demir and Fekeli appear in public together to make their peace and alliance clear.

Tuesday 21 November

The wedding day of Fadik and Rasit has arrived and the whole estate is preparing to celebrate the couple. During the ceremony, however, an unknown woman arrives and stops everything by claiming to be married to her fiancé. Once the frost has fallen, Demir and Gaffur chase Rasit away.

Wednesday 22 November

Zuleyha revealed to Sermin that she is pregnant. The secret actually flies into the estate and reaches the ears of Mujgan who reports it to Hum. The woman is furious and she decides to go to Zuleyha to tell everything about the affair she had with her husband. But on the road she runs into Demir’s wife, injured in an accident.

Thursday 23 November

The doctor immediately rescues Zuleyha and takes her to hospital where the woman arrives in serious condition. Luckily, Demir’s wife was saved but her child was not. Meanwhile, Sermin discovers something Sahbattin’s letter addressed to Umit and discovers that the woman is actually called Ayla, the same name invoked by Sevda on her deathbed.

Friday 24 November

Umit continues to keep an eye on Zuleyha to understand how the woman is recovering, but her constant visits are not appreciated by Demir who orders her not to be seen around anymore. Meanwhile, Sermin tells Luftiye that he discovered that Umit is actually called Ayathe same name invoked by Sevda on her deathbed.

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