Big Brother, Fiordaliso and Rosy Chin lose their minds: they are furious about what happened

Cornflower and Rosy Chin lose their minds in the Big Brother house. They are furious about what happened during a game proposed by the authors.

This weekend, in the house of Big Brother the contestants really had a lot of fun. In fact, the authors have decided to propose a challenge again which every year always makes the protagonists laugh a lot, but which at the same time manages to create considerable tensions. We’re talking about the imitation game. All the roommates are assigned another one, and they have to pretend to be one practically for the entire evening.

Big Brother: Fiordaliso loses patience with Rosy Chin: what happened (Credits Mediaset Infinity) –

But why does a simple challenge, so much fun, manage to create certain dynamics? Because of the way the contestants imitate each other. In fact, we are talking about a game that manages to bring out any arguments or disagreements between the characters. As happened for example to Alex, who threw numerous digs at Giuseppe Garibaldi, implying that he is certain that the participant is lying to Beatrice Luzzi and that he is not really interested in her as he says he is from the beginning of the program .

Fiordaliso and Rosy Chin against Grecia Colmerares: the reason

In any case, Giuseppe decided to overlook this imitation and not take it too seriously, so there were no particular clashes over what happened. Apart from one, which has Grecia Colamenares as its protagonist: the actress in fact played Letizia Petris, and the way in which she did it made her sparked a lot of controversy between Fiordaliso and Rosy Chinwho couldn’t help but notice something that bothered them a lot.

Grecia Colmerares, with his imitation, infuriated Fiordaliso and Rosy Chin (Credits Mediaset Infinity) –

Letizia is one of the protagonists of this edition of Big Brother, and very often she found herself having to deal with her past, which knocked forcefully on her door. If at the beginning she proved to be a really strong woman, as the days went by in the house she brought out all her fragilities, and it is precisely Greece played on these.

For this reason, Fiordaliso and Rosy defined his imitation as out of place, but also evil. They pointed out that Greece is very good, but in reality it harbors a lot of wickedness inside. In short they used very strong words against her and this will certainly be a cause for discussion in the next episode of Big Brother.

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