Annular solar eclipse today 14 October 2023, what time to see it and where live from Italy

At 7.59pm Italian time today, October 14, 2023, a magnificent annular eclipse will occur. The ring of fire, unfortunately, will not be visible in the skies of Italy, however it will be possible to follow the astronomical phenomenon in live streaming.

Annular eclipse. Credit: NASA

At 7.59pm Italian time today, Saturday 14 October 2023a splendid will occur annular eclipsea spectacular astronomical phenomenon which unfortunately will not be visible from Italy with your own eyes, but only in live streaming. L’ring of fire, in fact, will only appear in the skies of some nations of the American continent, leaving Asia, Europe and a very large part of Africa high and dry, where a limited partial eclipse will be admired. Among the lucky countries are United StatesBelize, the BrazilColombia, the MexicoPanama, Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica. All, in fact, will have places where the solar disk will be obscured by that of moonallowing the star’s spectacular “ring of fire” to emerge.

Recall that annular eclipses occur when the system Sun-Moon-Earth And perfectly aligned, with the natural satellite that stands between the solar disk and our planet. Since from the Earth’s surface the Moon and the Sun have a similar apparent diameter, despite being significantly different in size, when the objects align – generally – the Moon completely covers the star, giving rise to atotal eclipse. However, the Moon is not always at the same distance from the Earth, as its orbit is eccentric (ecliptic) and has points of maximum proximity (perigee) and maximum distance (apogee). When it is near the apogee its disk is smaller than usual due to the greater distance, therefore, in case of alignment with the other two celestial objects, it is unable to completely obscure the solar disk. This causes the outermost part of the solar disk and atmosphere to become visible, giving us the wonderful ring of fire. The annular eclipse will be visible in live streaming from Italy on the Virtual Telescope Project (VTP) website and on NASA’s YouTube channel.

Annular eclipse. Credit: NASA/JAXA

Annular eclipse. Credit: NASA/JAXA

What time to see the annular solar eclipse today Saturday 14 October 2023

The maximum of today’s annular eclipse on Saturday 14 October 2023 will occur exactly at 17:59:32 of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), as indicated by the Timeanddate portal. This means that in Italy it will be 19:59:32. The central phase of the phenomenon, i.e. the permanence of the entire lunar disk above the solar disk, will last approximately 5 minutes, giving us one of the longest “maximums” of recent years. It is important to underline that this time it does not refer to a specific location, but to the phenomenon in general, given that the eclipse “moves” according to the motion of the stars. For example, in the first location where the complete eclipse will be visible it will be 18:10:11 Italian time, while in the last it will be 21:49:01 (always Italian time). The time of the maximum eclipse is used as a reference – in this case 7.59 pm – precisely because it corresponds to the maximum darkening duration. But an eclipse, of course, is not made up of its central phase alone; the entire phenomenon will in fact last for about 6 hours. It will start at 17:03:50 (Italian time) when the Moon will begin to nibble the first piece of the Sun on the first location where the phenomenon will be visible, giving rise to the partial eclipse. The eclipse will end at 10.55.16pm Italian time, when the lunar disk will definitively move away from the Sun, leaving it “free”.

The path of the annular eclipse on October 14th. Credit: Timeanddate

The path of the annular eclipse on October 14th. Credit: Timeanddate

The solar eclipse today 14 October visible from Italy in live streaming

As specified, the only way to see the annular eclipse of October 14, 2023 from Italy is through a live broadcast, thanks to the images captured from the places where the phenomenon will occur. The event will also be covered by TV news and “all news” channels from all over the world, but to make sure you don’t miss it you can rely on the web channels that will broadcast it via streaming. The astrophysicist-led Virtual Telescope Project (VTP). Gianluca Masi, which recently discovered a stellar explosion in the Andromeda Galaxy, will broadcast live starting from 6:00 pm Italian time on its YouTube channel. The images will be captured by astrophotographers Joaquin Fabrega Polleri from Panama and Ron Delvaux, Gary Varney and Fernando Rodriguez from the United States. You can follow it from the player below. The “ring of fire” will also be shown live streaming by NASA TV, the official channel of the US aerospace agency.

When will there be the next solar eclipses visible from Italy

Although today’s event cannot be witnessed from Italy (with one’s own eyes), several suggestive solar eclipses are expected in the coming years, with the most spectacular ever expected for the late morning of August 2, 2027. During this event the solar disk will be obscured between 60 and 98 percent depending on the geographic position on the “Boot“. The absolute best spot will be offshore Lampedusa in Italian waters, where the event will be total. Before the show on August 2, 2027, however, we will be able to admire a partial solar eclipse from Italy on March 29, 2025 and another the August 12, 2026.

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